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Tuesday, 28 December, 2004

information/ coordination from Phuket


I am in Phuket, and working from my laptop connection, communication is still up and down and real time information is vital (posted some notes on content-wire, appeals seem to work)

online information flow by rescue and emergency services should be encouraged

Here in Phuket I am in a school where many children have lost everything, all the ones living on the beach five kms from here, we need shirts and basics for them, although relief is being organised.

in chennai, I see someone is going there, here is a link to people already operating there
see the post relayed by New Media Forum in Chennai, link below

Dear All,A team of 5 persons (Uma, Muthuram, Mohan + 2) visited the affected areas from Royapuram to Kasimedu) yesterday night during 10.45pm to 03.00 am.Many places relief work were not carried out and basic needs are not fulfilled. With the available bed spreads, old clothes we have distributed to around 200 to 300 people with great difficulty in managing the crowd. Due to the heavy crowd and the requirement is more, we have stopped the relief works at 2.30am today morning and back to Suyam.In our service point itself we have seen more than 10 to 15 dead bodies and came to know, one spot itself 30 childred were died and many of them not found still.Now, once again we have started relief activities and planning to move around the interior villages and areas.We seek your kind support for the following:01. Old Clothes02. Food items03. Water Packets04. Utensils05. MedicinesKindly contact our team in 93821 25905 (Uma) / 55362468 / 98403 65819 (Muthuram) & Office 25204822 to enable us to collect your contributions to reach them to the needy..................


Let me know if you need something from here

email is best

contact via the blog or the site

e d i t o r AT c o n t e n t - w i r e DOT c o m

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Anonymous Anonymous said :

My friend Tushar Shah is standed in Phuket with no passport, money and clothing. He was holidaying with his wife and son and has lost his wife. If you could track him down through the Indian Embassy there and try and help him it would be great. His brother is leaving probably tonight to bring him back.
Best regards,

Tue Dec 28, 11:48:00 am IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I am waiting to hear anything about my friends Finbarr McCarthy and Ann Abrecht and their children Julia and Connor. They were vacationing near Phuket.
Thanks. Please send info to:

Wed Dec 29, 09:49:00 pm IST  
Blogger BigDaddyRabbit said :

Much Help Needed ... Please Read!
People people people ...
Below you will find a link to a web page identifying a young Chilean couple that were spending their honey moon at Phi Phi Island when all hell broke loose ...
Aurelio was very lucky since at the time of the Tsunami he was doing some trekking far from the beach .. however ... Francisca Cooper, his young missing wife, was not that fortunate since she stayed back at the doomed beach ...
Everyone in Chile is just desperate to find any hint of where she could be ... I don't know anyone in the disaster area, particularily at Phi Phi Islands, so if by any chance you have people who may help in the search please provide them with the following address so they know what Francisca looks like ... a whole country will be grateful ....
All the best ...
Big Daddy Rabbit ...

Fri Dec 31, 03:30:00 am IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I will be arriveing in Bangkok on 12Jan. Will start by donateing blood, then would like to go to Puket and do whatever is neccessary. I am physicaly fit male 33yrs old, prior U.S Army Paratrooper. Where do you need me and how do I get there. Wasnt sure what I was going to do for my vacation.
Now I know. please contact. kaiodie@hotmail.com
Steven Wiley Tacoma Washington. U.S.A.

Sat Jan 01, 07:07:00 pm IST