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Thursday, 30 December, 2004

Relief Agencies Concerned about Wasted Tsunami Aid

Disaster organizations are rushing in to help people hit by the tsunami. But there's a risk of wasting money, time and good intentions -- and even doing harm. Aid workers say the difficulty is in managing rather than acquiring supplies

Source: NPR
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Blogger Gindy said :

Great site. Do you know of any quality aid agencies.

Thu Dec 30, 01:07:00 AM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Yes, I would like to contribute but would like to know a reputable agency. Please advise if possible.

Thu Dec 30, 01:27:00 AM IST  
Blogger Tsunami Relief Aid said :

Also, please check out www.tsunamireliefaid.com


Thu Dec 30, 04:30:00 AM IST  
Blogger Paul said :

Thanks for posting this! For Christians who would like to help with the disaster relief, there are several Christian missionary organizations that are providing relief to those suffering from the Tsunami disaster. You can find their links at:

Sat Jan 01, 07:56:00 PM IST