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Monday, 3 January, 2005

Dell pledges $US3 million to help tsunami victims

Dell kick-starts tech tsunami donations
Correspondents in Austin
January 3, 2005

THE chairman of the world's largest computer maker, Dell, has pledged $US3 million ($3.8 million) to help victims of the tsunami.

The donation, pledged to relief efforts for victims of the earthquake, was made through the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation - a charity organisation Mr Dell and his wife established in 1999.

The couple said the amount was an initial pledge meant to encourage others to donate generously to the tsunami victims.

"We encourage people in our country and everywhere to find it in their hearts to give generously to these people and the relief efforts," Michael Dell said.

According World Health Organization estimates, the tsunami has left in excess of five million people without water, shelter, food or health care.
source www.news.com.au

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Blogger calene said :

I was realy touched about too much volunteer efforts like yours. God bless you...and don't forget ask me anything I can do, ok!!!???

Mon Jan 03, 06:36:00 AM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Dear all,

I've created a website that may be helpful to those affected by this disaster. The link is here:


Keep up the good work & God bless.

Nelson Wong

Mon Jan 03, 07:01:00 AM IST  
Blogger Greg Walker said :

What horrible tragedy. I am proud to say I'm a doner for the cause!

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Mon Jan 03, 08:53:00 AM IST  
Blogger Paul said :

Thanks for posting this! For Christians who would like to help with the disaster relief, there are several Christian missionary organizations that are providing relief to those suffering from the Tsunami disaster. You can find their links at:

Mon Jan 03, 10:33:00 AM IST