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Tuesday, 4 January, 2005

Eager donors need to be wary Check out charities for tsunami victims before giving cash

Charity watchdog groups warned donors who want to help tsunami relief efforts to be careful where they give their money.

If you find scams operating, please mail: piu@doj.ca.gov. - California's Attorney General's Office.
The American Institute of Philanthropy, another charity watchdog group, has assembled a list of two dozen recommended charities that are collecting money to help tsunami victims. It's online at www.charitywatch.org. Top-rated charities include the American Red Cross, Lutheran World Relief, Christian Children's Fund, and Doctors Without Borders.

The Better Business Bureau has also posted a list of charities collecting money on its Web sites, along with reports of whether they meet its standards. That list is available at www.give.org/news/tsunami.asp.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle
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Blogger Tsunami Sympathizer said :

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Tue Jan 04, 11:35:00 am IST  
Blogger Tsunami Sympathizer said :

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Tue Jan 04, 11:35:00 am IST  
Blogger Tsunami Sympathizer said :

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Tue Jan 04, 11:35:00 am IST  
Blogger Tsunami Sympathizer said :

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Blogger Mahendiran P said :

Tsunami Relief Camp in Nagappattinam

Organized by : Volunteers of Society for Technical Innovation in Service (TIS) (http://www.tisnet.org) Jointly with HelpingRoot of Bangalore, India(http://groups.yahoo.com/group/helpingroot)

Date:January 1st and Jan 2nd 2005
Venue:Tsunami Relief Camp, Nivetita Higher Secondary School, Poraiyaar, Tharangambadi – Tk., Nagappattinam Dt.,Tamilnadu, India

Best Practices Learnt from Tsunami Relief Camp
(This would help the other Volunteers/Organizations who are planning to go to the Tsunami Affected areas)

Actual Material Required by the Affected People:

Items for Daily Needs:
· Blankets
· Sweaters
· Mats
· Pillows
· Cotton Sarees / Dhothis / Lungis
· Water packets/bottles
· Soap/Tooth Powder

Basic House-Hold Utensils
· Any House-Hold items for daily use
· Stoves
· Buckets / Mugs
· Carrying Suitcases/ Food Containers

Food Items (Non-Perishable / Long-durable recommended)
· Rice, Milk (long durable)
· Bakery items like Breads, Biscuits, Rusk, Bun etc.,

General Instructions to the Volunteers who are planning to visit the Relief Camps

1. Gather as much information as possible well ahead, before you reach the camps. If possible have local volunteers for assessment and deciding the right place to ensure to provide right service

2. Please don’t take the very old/damaged clothes as they might be thrown off in the local Check posts. New cloths/neatly washed/ironed/packed cloths only recommended as suggested by the Govt / NGO parties

3. Please don’t carry the Cooked foods like Cooked Rice items / Chapathis / Parottas etc.,

4. Any material you carry to the camps will be screened by the local police stations / Check posts / Revenue department / District Collector Office. In our case, we used some political influence with the help of our local volunteer to carry all our collected/newly bought materials to the relief camps. The Agencies are not quite helpful and at times this could be frustrating

5. Volunteers should have the TT injection before they reach the camps. It is even recommended to take it in your place itself. If not, you could take it form the local Govt hospitals. You should also take the disposable needles as it would be out of stock in Govt hospitals (as happened in our case!)

6. Carry and keep the basic FIRST-AID medicines/ Masks / Dry food items / Sufficient water to the volunteers

7. As the crowd in camps/villages is very huge, it will be very difficult to distribute the materials/food items to the affected people if the number of volunteers is very less. In such case, you could also seek the local NGO volunteers' help.

8. For easy mobility to the Relief Camps, please go with the banners of Organization Names/location details, the registration copies of organization and the id cards of volunteers, if exists. Beware of the local brokers who might deviate your trip

9. Take sufficient quantity of food packs/materials/cloths in thousands (depends on the area) instead of variety of items. When you distribute the items, people expect everyone should get it Equally Distributed

10. Categorize and pack the items accordingly for the easy distribution. You could even make the sets to make your efforts less during the distribution.

Suggestions to Govt/NGOs for process Improvement

1. There is lots of money wasted in transporting the material by different voluntary groups. You could merge the voluntary groups / arrange the collection centers at major city areas

2. Leverage the local NGOs/volunteers in the relief camps/villages for the distribution / storing the materials.

3. You can utilize the local NCC/NSS/Scouts/Home-Guards/Ex Defense service men for maintaining the disciplines in the camps

4. For the medial and preventive health care, we can even involve the final year medical students.

5. In the camps/Govt hospitals, they should use the disposable needles otherwise; it will spread instead of controlling.

Tue Jan 04, 12:55:00 pm IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :


We have 40 portable gasoline powered generators ready to ship from Florida. We can sell them at our bulk rate + shipping. They are all brand new made by Valsi Corporation. We shipped them to Florida during the hurricane season and these are what are left. They range from 2000 watts to 12,000 watts. Please contact us at the numbers listed below.

Thank you,

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1-866-734-3735 toll free in the U.S.
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Tue Jan 04, 12:58:00 pm IST