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Tuesday, 4 January, 2005

IAHV/AOLF Camp Locations and Contact Numbers


How to Donate: (Tax exempt under 501(c)(3) in US and 80G in India. Zero Overhead Policy for tsunami relief and rehabilitation)

Online via secure server http://www.iahv.org/
(secure server opens when entering credit card information)
Mailing addresses for India, USA, Canada and Europe are here.



Contact Person



Atma Gnana Nilayam Campus,
No.33, Kalashetra Road, Lakshmipuram, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai – 41
Ph. 24913702 / 24917783
Email: agn@md4.vsnl.net.in

Bharathi 98400 75115



Asian Paints Guest House,
Judge Bungalow Road, Cuddalore.
(Near S.P Office)
Ph: 94432 31251
Email: k.vijayaraghavan@asianpaints.com

Vijaya Raghavan – 93676 20438
Chandra sekar 94430 48947


(Camp Office)

Sri Sri Illam
14, Sadhu Subbiah Nagar, Opp. Thermal Nagar Water Tank, Thiruvarur.
Ph: 94431 04097
Email : akilintelligent@yahoo.com

Palanisamy 94431 04097
Sanjeev Kumar
98423 35055
93451 02702



Sri Govindaraja Nilayam Campus,
34, Tennur High Road,
Trichy – 620 017
Ph : 2793280
Email : rockfortgas@yahoo.com

Capt. Jagadeesan – 98424 07000
- 94435 32966
- 94430 27167



PD Pillai Sons,
RV Puram, Nagercoil – 629 001
Ph: 236644 / 227888
Email : pdramesh@sancharnet.in

D. Ramesh - 94431 36644

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Blogger atarelief said :

Your xanga gets a large audience so I was hoping you could help by putting this link on your next entry and asking your viewers to do the same. Thanks so much.

ATA RELIEF WEBSITESend thoughts and prayers, but also send cash.
It’s not cool not to care.

Heres the deal.I want to help the tsunami victims in Asia. My website is
completely informative and links to reputatble charity
organizations(UNICEF, Red Cross) and makes it really
easy for anyone to put in $5 or $10 or even
more. It directly connects them to the page where they can donate.
Can you please put this link on your xanga to create an awareness to donate for the tsunami victims aid relief.

Thanks so much,
ATA Relief

P.S. you can comment me back if u have questions or concerns.

Tue Jan 04, 05:39:00 am IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Tue Jan 04, 06:25:00 am IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

AID has indulged in deception and quietly removed the reference to DYFI (militant group) from its website. This proves that they are all CHEATS!

Also, NOT a SINGLE AID volunteer touched a dead body, but they are claiming credit for organizing removal of dead bodies by standing next to those who remove dead bodies!

Wed Jan 05, 01:24:00 am IST  
Blogger Unknown said :


Atleast AID is trying to do something unlike you. If you cannot help, you also have no right to criticize anyone else who is trying to do their best, regardless of the limitations.


Wed Jan 05, 05:18:00 am IST  
Blogger Vinayak said :


I don't want to add to any controversy, but AID, DYFI whoever it is, they are doing a great job. AID from my reckoning isn't choosing to disassociate itself from them, and you can read Dilip D'Souza's entries on how amazing the job they're doing really is. I could choose to throw in the line that everyone else will - why don't you go down and help out - but I guess you already know at heart that you aren't really doing much anyway. Cheers!

Wed Jan 05, 08:06:00 am IST