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Tuesday, 4 January, 2005

Experts from around the world join largest ever forensic investigation in China

Forensic experts from around the world have flown in to help identify bodies. Britain has dispatched a team of about 20 pathologists, forensic dentists, logistic experts and counsellors to help the international operation. It is being led by Australia , whose team was the first to arrive on the scene and has experience in dealing with the Bali bomb.

What follows is likely to be a long process of collecting DNA samples from families around the world and matching them with materials from the victims, according to Interpol principles on disaster victim identification. Every corpse will be tagged with an ID number, details on where it was found and distinguishing marks. Every family claimant must provide DNA samples and, where possible, the dental records, fingerprints and last-known location of their lost relatives.

Source: Guardian, UK
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