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Sunday, 30 January, 2005

A First Person account of his volunteer efforts in Sri Lanka

From our comments:

A group of us have been organizing relief work for Sri Lanka, providing scientific information (including cited in Wiki) at http://www.recoverlanka.net & http://www.geolanka.net

I have just returned from affected areas in Sri Lanka and you shall find details of this at
http://lareef.blogspot.com. Having seen, the importance of direct assistance to those who were affected and neglected, I can recommend several grass roots groups to receive funds for specific projects - see http://lareef.blogspot.com for details of the groups - we shall arrange to have all funds disbursed directly for relief or to support relief.
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Blogger jose said :

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Tue Feb 01, 10:41:00 am IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

+ SLMR - Sri Lanka Medical Relief +

The key targets for funding are rebuilding houses and water sanitation services for the poorest victims on the coastal regions.
Registered, all voluntier, 100% non-profit.


Wed Feb 02, 12:53:00 am IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

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Wed Feb 02, 01:08:00 am IST  
Blogger illiteracy said :

I think that it is good that people give up time to save people in our countrys.

Sat Feb 12, 01:25:00 am IST  
Blogger JBD said :

i also think it is very nice to see people trying to find help for these disastar stricken countrys

Sat Feb 12, 02:00:00 am IST