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Thursday, 6 January, 2005

Powell says tsunami-hit area needs more aid

News Update

US Secretary of State Colin Powell, in a tele-interview with the NBC's "Today" program Wednesday, said that the tsunami-hit nations need a great deal of help and the priority now is to get the international aid distributed.

Powell, who is currently on a visit to the tsunami-hit South Asian and Southeast Asian countries and is expected to return to the United States later Wednesday, said the situation in the tsunami-struck areas is pretty bad.

"It is pretty bad. I do not know how bad it can get ...Until you have flown over this area and seen the extent of the damage, you really do not understand what this tsunami did," Powell said.
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Blogger susanaK said :

coke serves the world beverages????
I have searched Coke's web site and many other corporate websites to gather the numbers of corporate $$ going to tsunami relief efforts.

At this time: Coke and Colgate Palmolive have NO comment or mention of the tsunami. Calling Coke corporate relations, (I own Coke shares), they did read a statement....but 5 hours later, it is still not posted. Vaguely, they said their regional workers are distributing bottled water (could not confirm if this was donated time or materials). They vaguely said that their regional offices would know which local agencies could need assistance. They said corporately they will donate $10million dollars, but could not name a single location of where that money was going to.....

I called Pepsi, GM, GE, CitiBank group, and all had prepared statements (also on their websites). Vivendi Universal has not returned calls. Colgate was not reachable.

Has anyone else put pressure on corporations for assisting in the relief efforts?

Thu Jan 06, 05:08:00 AM IST