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Wednesday, 5 January, 2005

Summary Report on Tsunami Disaster – Sri Lanka

The following link summarizes quantitatively, the damage inflicted to Srilanka due to the December 26th Tsunami.


Lanka Library also provides up-to-date news and in-depth reports on the Srilankan Tsunami Relief Situation.

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Blogger Bethany&Billy said :

I have been both heartened and disappointed by the recent outpouring of generosity and concern for the victims of the tsunami on the part of Americans and the rest of the wealthiest nations of the world. We should be ready to help and be sending whatever funds possible to alleviate the suffering of these people. My concern is this, where is our generosity and concern every other day of the year for people suffering in every corner of the world? Why do we need a flood of news coverage and celebrity endorsements to get us to open our minds and hearts (and checkbooks) to those who are suffering? Over the past few months alone there have been atrocities committed in The Sudan, The Democratic Republic of Congo, The Ivory Coast, obviously in Iraq and Afghanistan and the list goes on and on unfortunately. It would seem that we are all as trained animals responding only to what we are told to respond to by the media. The tsunami is a natural disaster therefore no blame can be placed. Can we not see that because of this it is a safe topic and “newsworthy" whereas these other situations (such as genocide occurring in The Sudan) created by greed and indifference are never exposed by the media? Again, we should be helping the victims of the tsunami, but we should also be aware and carrying the knowledge with us each and every day that everything we do affects the global community in far reaching ways. Let us use this as a starting point for individual responsibility and awakening of consciousness. The attitude that these problems of starvation, disease and human exploitation in less privileged areas of the world are too big to fix, too huge to tackle, is exactly why they still exist. Most of us turn our eyes back to our own comfort and gain instead of maintaining awareness and putting forth efforts to end suffering. Our government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars on the war in Iraq under the guise of a "better tomorrow." In my mind tomorrow never comes. People are being killed today. People are being exploited today. Generosity, caring and awareness are all contagious. One small act of heartfelt generosity performed in front of others can make a world of difference. Keep your eyes and mind open!

Wed Jan 05, 11:59:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

This really says something about society.

Thu Jan 06, 12:47:00 AM IST