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Thursday, 6 January, 2005

Thirukadayur Site Report

Read the entire report here: Thirukadayur Site Report

* This is Latha Dubay who has returned this morng from Thirukadayur. We were a group of 7 members ( 4 women & 3 men) who left on 1st to Pondy. On reaching pondy we took a brief at the science forum and left for Tirukadayur.

* One thing that was very evident that relief is pouring in from all over in the form of food (both cooked and uncooked ) clothes, utensils, lots of medical camps by various groups, mats, blankets. There are a strong few who have managed to bulldoze and take more than required of their share where as the old and weak have been left out.

* One of the worst hit village Tharangampadi has still huge debris and other things to be cleared. There are a lot of volnteers who are able to make it during the weekends, but the numbers drop during the weekdays. It is understandable, but if people could make it during weekdays it would be very helpful.

* Few of us in our group are planning to go again in a week or so during weekdays to do some more work. It is very evident from the mails that though a few of us are able to actually go there, most of you are with us in spirit.And any relief work for a disaster especially of this magnitude needs a lot of involvement from both in field and off field volunteers. It is a joint effort of all and it is a matter of pride to belong to the KVIIT M ALUMNI and the AID GROUP,who have surpassed themslves with the tremendous amount of involvement shown THREE CHEERS TO EVERYONE AND LET US KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Regards latha
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Thu Jan 06, 07:22:00 AM IST  
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Blogger Prema Lawrence said :

Tha Daze and Days after Tsunami

In the eerie remains of Kannakachettypalayam, a village close to Pondy, in the darkness of night, amongst the stench of ghostly remains, our team found a man sleeping on what was left of his home. He broke down when we asked him to go to the relief camp to join his wife. He asked what would happen to his 6 yr old grand-daughter when she comes back to the house and finds nobody, since her mother, his daughter was dead. He needed to talk to someone to let go. After an hour I met him at the relief camp and nothing has felt as good as when his wife thanked me with tears in her eyes.
See pic at http://tsunamisos.blogspot.com
A report and appeal
We need your support to reach out

Thu Jan 06, 08:53:00 AM IST