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Tuesday, 11 January, 2005

Tsunami & Health Situation Report # 12 From S. Asia

The fate of nearly one million people along the western coast of Indonesia's Aceh is slowly being assessed with anecdotal reports of death rates in excees of 50%. The highest UN priority is getting aid to those it has not reached. Simultaneously, plans for rehabilitation are picking up, particularly in Sri Lanka. Health actors, supported by WHO, are progressing with health assessments and know what is needed technically. The current challenge is implementing the operational capacities on the ground.

Through the Emergency Health Action Programme for South-East Asia, the financial requirements for WHO’s health response over the forthcoming six-months period is assessed at US$67 million. WHO thanks the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra (cash) and the governments of Canada (in-kind), China (in-kind), Denmark (in-kind), Finland (in cash), France (cash), Germany (in kind), Italy (in-kind), Japan (cash), Norway (in-kind), Kingdom of Saudia Arabia (cash), Sweden (cash), Switzerland (cash and in-kind), the United Kingdom (DFID for cash and in-kind), and the United States (USAID for cash) for recent and early contributions. Expressions of support from individuals around the world are overwhelming.

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