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Tuesday, 28 December, 2004

AID-India update from Tamil Nadu

The latest updates on AID's efforts from the Tamil Nadu coast are posted on the aidindia website. Here is the link.

And also on www.aidindia.org/CMS

There is an urgent and immediate need for vessels and clothes, and there are also contact details of people to contact with their phone nos.

Thanks, TK [Kartik Talamadupula]

Extracts from that page

Collection and Information Team:
...will handle calls,receive donations of money, clothes, medicines, blankets and vessels and send receipts, give information on the current status of relief work. This team will also give out press releases, send out email reports and call for further donations based on the needs. This is the team that people from outside must contact.
Bharati/Manohar/Hari (AID office )
+91 44 28350403

Ravishankar (IIT Prof)
+91 94440-84910

Chandra Anil
+91 9382330752,
+91 44 28350403

Smitha Kalyani
+91 98401-73800

Vibha Ravindran
+91 98402-63275

What we need in terms of collections:

1. Money - for buying quick relief materials as well as for the long term. There are many people contributing and wanting to contribute. Please collect it from people and send it to the AID office:

Cheques can be made in the name of "AID-India" and sent to:

Old No 132, New No 242,
Avvai Shanmugam Road
Gopalapuram, Chennai - 600 086

In the USA - collections are being done by AID-US - you can contact 1-888-TALK-2-AID or 301-209-0508 for more details. Vibha is also doing collections for this.)

2. Clothes - particularly blankets

3. Food - rice, wheat and dal - as grains for cooking and using over
the next one week.

4. Medicines (antibiotics, ORS, bandages, cotton, etc - basic first aid).

5. Doctors - people willing to stay in Nagai and Cuddalore and treat
people in health camps.

6. Vessels
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Blogger Lalit Vashista said :

Dear Lalit,
We in Chennai are overwhelmed with the spontaniety of all Ryze members coming for assistance. A lot of aid is pouring in from all quarters. I went to Pattinappakkam one of the affected areas - and what I saw was totally rebelling. As I mentioned many Organisations and Public have come forward to help but they have been distributing it to the wrong people. The spectators who have come rush to get the food and water and clothing packets - none reaches the affected people. They are all still in a state of daze and shock. And also its a game of the survival of the fitess. The strong grab everything. It was a heart breaking sight - not only have these people lost their near and dear and all their possessions, now too they are not getting the food. Will attach a few pics for u to see.
We Ammucare (www.ammucare.org) have joined hands with Children Welfare Foundation (www.childrenwelfarefoundation.org) and ensure that all that is distributed reaches the right hands. And while distributing it we do it with the help of the Police so that prevents all confusion - its all organised and everyone is benefited. We will help you in helping to distribute to the really affected people and not make a mockery of helping. Please feel free to contact me at 9444018636 or Mr, Swamy at 9884075738

Tue Dec 28, 02:59:00 pm IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

You can donate to Vibha, a sister organization to AID-India, via its web site http://www.vibha.org/emergencyrelief/
or directly at https://www.merchantamerica.com/vibha-terc/echopay/

Thu Dec 30, 02:14:00 am IST