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Saturday, 1 January, 2005


Words can not described how we feel about India's tragedy.

After the World Trade Center we built www.disasterid.com. The function of
the program is to match found persons and items with those looking to aid in
identification efforts, and:

1.  Provides a platform for rescue workers to enter and house data regarding
found persons and items.
2.  For the general public to search said data for identification.
3.  For the general public to enter and house data of their missing persons.
4.  For rescue workers to search and match persons and items they found with
posted information.

We put it together with Interpol's Disaster Victim Identification form data points and with some review from DMORT.

We designed the backend database structure with a scaleable 'on the fly'
category creation tool; so as different identifying categories are realized,
administrators can create categories and sub-categories easily; so as varied
personal articles are recovered, structured data input is possible.

We built it out of frustration from 9/11 as a voluntary effort.  We were not
able to get any wide-scale adoption to it during the Trade Center tragedy.
We still believe that the very lengthy process of recovering items and
identifying persons from the World Trade Center would have been greatly

We would like to offer the program to India to help in the recovery efforts,
but do not know how to proceed.  We would plan to redo the front page and
related site graphics and presentation to a world perceptive rather than the
current US brand.

Submitted Respectively,
Keith Mullin
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