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Tuesday, 11 January, 2005

Flooding in Andamans--have tidal patterns changed?

From Yahoo! News via AFP: "People ran to higher ground as sea water gushed into the Andaman islands, prompting fears that tide patterns may have changed since tsunamis hit the region, threatening to wreak havoc on the archipelago..."
Authorities have marked the area into red zones and green zones--red signalling danger, and green for safety:
"The entire island of Tarmugli on Port Blair's west in the Bay of Bengal was declared vulnerable to flooding while Chatham Island was a speck of red in the satellite imagery published for public awareness.
"We are now living in areas marked in green until the angry seas subside," said Gautam Banerjee of Gupta Para in the red zone."
Pressing the panic button would be a mistake, though:
"Marine experts say the increased sea levels may not cause serious damage on the islands but low-lying areas of Port Blair risked serious flooding in the next two days."
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