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Saturday, 1 January, 2005

Indonesia - Field Report

Source : Relief Web

Situation and Constraints

As of today, the Government reported that the death toll stands at 80,000. Thousands of injured people are being treated at public and field hospitals. 108,000 persons are reported to be sheltering in emergency tents. Some camps have been established but are in a poor condition and are not well managed.

The health authority reported yesterday that cholera could reach epidemic proportions particularly in the camps. Therefore, volunteers are expected to equip themselves with masks, vitamins, gloves, mineral water, personal hygiene kits, candle, and torches.

There is a large number of incoming international assistance to Aceh via Medan. Aceh airport has limited capacity to receive airplanes and (up to C130, C17, IL76) and unload shipment. The International Humanitarian Partnership will be deploying a 20-ton forklift which should be operational as of Sunday.

The focus of relief operation is still limited to Banda Aceh. Aid delivery to the west and east coast remains problematic due to resources in the field and security. All UN staff and most of international NGOs based in Aceh are not allowed to travel outside Banda Aceh for security reasons.

Communications is a serious constraint. Only radio VHF with repeater and iridium satellite phones are working. Agencies should seriously consider bringing their own communications.

Lack of fuel is a problem in Aceh. Only one gas station is functioning in Aceh. IOM has sent 26 trucks and fuel to Banda Aceh and is planning to purchase more trucks for transportation within the province.


The authorities indicated today that the following items are urgently needed: 1) Ready-to-eat food, 2) clean water, 3) medical teams with supplies such as oxygen, injections, gloves, masks, body bags, 4) fuel, 5) volunteers for evacuation, 6) logistic distribution, 7) setting up public kitchen, and 8) debris clearing services.

National Response

The Government has formulated a three-stage action plan which consists of: 1) emergency measures (December 2004 to January 2005), 2) rehabilitation measures (February 2005 to February 2006) and 3) reconstruction measures (2005 to 2006).

UN Response

The UN Joint Logistics Centre (UNJLC) has been established. WHO has sent four doctors to Medan, and will work closely with the Ministry of Heath. UNICEF has sent a medical team and non food items (health emergency kits, family kit and tarpaulins). UNESCO is preparing a joint assessment mission with the Ministry of Education to assess the damages to schools, and develop an early warning system. UNFPA decided to send two international medical staff and are also planning rehabilitation of health facilities. On-Site Operation Coordination Centres (OSOCC) in Jakarta and in Banda Aceh are being established with support from UNDAC team to track in-coming assistance and coordinate assessments and distribution of relief items. IOM has developed a network of coordination of volunteers in Aceh through local NGOs such as Aceh Kita and Wahli. UNHCR is organizing airlifts to Aceh to provide more than 400 tonnes of shelter and other emergency supplies from its warehouse in Copenhagen and Dubai for this weekend. WFP estimated the total number of potential beneficiaries for food at 1 million.

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