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Saturday, 1 January, 2005

Situation in Burma's capital still edgy after tremors

Situation in Burma's capital still edgy after tremors

The situation in Rangoon is still edgy after reports of imminent aftershocks emerged after the major quake occurred on 26 December.

A local resident in Botahtaung Township told DVB that people in the capital dare not live in their homes inside the high-rising buildings and camping out on the streets since they heard on 30 December that there could be more aftershocks.

He added that people have been very worried by the reports because the buildings are not built properly and some cracks have been discovered in some buildings after the major quake struck on 26 December.

At nearby Sanchaung Township and other townships, many people offered candle lights at their homes in the afternoon of 30 December, to ward off evil as a respected Buddhist monk, the Abbot of Thamanya prophesised that there could be more dangers and plagues as he learnt it from his dreams.

Some people are planning to organise prayer and sutra reciting events so as to ward off evil.

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