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Wednesday, 5 January, 2005

NW Medical Teams - In Srilanka and Indonesia

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Northwest Medical Teams


Northwest Medical Teams volunteers and local partners are hard at work bringing hope to people in countries affected by the tsunami disaster.

Volunteer physicians, nurses and paramedics are treating people in Sri Lanka’s eastern coastal region where, according to the U.S. Agency for International Development, 889,000 people are homeless due to the tsunami’s devastation. Two more volunteer teams leave this week for Sri Lanka.

A team has arrived in Indonesia and is headed to Batticaloa. This team will work in some of the hardest hit areas. A second volunteer team leaves for Indonesia Friday, Jan. 7.
A reporter and photographer from The Oregonian are traveling with Northwest Medical Teams’ volunteers in Sri Lanka.

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Anonymous Anonymous said :

Since this is an organization that promotes the love of Christ, I am wordering if they provide aid to all people? Or just Christians? Don't forget Sri Lanka is 75% Buddhist.

Wed Jan 05, 12:57:00 PM IST