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Saturday, 8 January, 2005

Psychiatrists recommend ways of coping trauma of tsunami affected

The Sri Lanka College of Psychiatrists in a series of recommendations to the Government in dealing with psychiatric problems of the tsunami affected, said that in the process of helping one should always remember to do it in such a way as not to harm the dignity of the affected people. They should not be viewed as specimens. One way of doing this would be to try and provide some form of employment for them, as soon as possible.

There is now a demand for help and guidance by those affected and those engaged in relief work to help people cope. Other organisations both local and intentional wishing to provide psychological and psychiatric assistance are requested to contact the College at slcpsych@yahoo.com to enable the co-ordinate related relief efforts and also prevent the inappropriate use of resources.

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Anonymous Anonymous said :

After seeing what our world can do when one of it's countries has faced such a horrible crisis as this one it behooves me to see that we still believe in WAR and that we can not stop the redicules fighting between these same countries. Think about it. My heart goes out to those thousands and thousands of people left homeless and without anything, not to mention the poor children whom have no body to turn to. My only wish is that I could help by bringing one or two of those homeless children here to live. Any ideas? Please help me locate an agency that might be able to link me up with that of such. THANKS and GOD BLESS...

Sat Jan 08, 09:13:00 AM IST