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Sunday, 2 January, 2005

Sri Lanka: Import procedures for relief commodities

From The Website of the Government of Sri Lanka (www.priu.gov.lk).

For bilateral donations of relief commodities, the donating agency has to contact the MFA in Sri Lanka. The following documents have to be sent related to the commodities:

Cargo Manifest
Airway Bill
Gift Certificate
Packing list with invoice

Fax: + 94 11 535 7406
Tel: +94 11 232 8681 or 232 7048
Contact Person: Chief of Protocol

** Be sure to send a copy of this information (ETA and packing list!) to the UNJLC at SRSA19@wavenet.unog.ch

For UN related donations, the same documents have to be forwarded to:

Mr Miguel Bermeo
e-mail: Miguel.Bermeo@undp.org
Fax : +94 11 2589691

UNDAC contact point at the airport in Colombo is Mr. Man Thapa, tel.: 0094 773148960

Entry and Departure of Aircraft:

Documentary requirements for Clearance of Aircraft

It is necessary that the under mentioned aircraft documents be submitted by airline operators for clearance on entry and departure of their aircraft to and from Sri Lanka. The Pilot-in-Command or his authorized agent must sign one copy of the General Declaration. All documents listed below must follow the ICAO Standard as set forth in the relevant Appendices to ICAO Annex 9 and acceptable when furnished in English and completed in legible handwriting.

Aircraft documents required (arrival/departure)

Immigration requires - General Declaration, Passenger Manifest
Health requires - General Declaration, Passenger Manifest
Customs requires - General Declaration, Passenger Manifest and Cargo Manifest


-one copy of the General Declaration is endorsed and returned by customs, signifying clearance

Procedures for non-scheduled flights

-Prior approval must be obtained for the operation of non-scheduled flights into Sri Lanka

-Required approval will be granted by the Director General of the Civil Aviation, Sri Lanka (DGCA) upon submission of an application in writing as per the format prescribed herein.

-DGCA may, in approving such flights, assign a flight clearance number (FCN) which should be quoted for all clearance purposes.

-The applications for the operation of a non scheduled flight into Sri Lanka must include the following information shown hereunder in the same order:

A. Name of Operator
Postal Address
Fax Number
E-mail (if any)
AFTN address (if any)
B. Type of Aircraft
C. Registration number of aircraft
D. State of registry of aircraft
E. Aircraft call sign
F. Communication equipment on board
G. Name of pilot in command
H. Total number of persons on board
I. Expected date and time of arrival at VCBI
J. Expected date and time of departure from VCBI
K. Point of origin
L. Places of intended landing prior to arrival at VCBI
M. Inbound ATS route including entry point at Colombo FIR
N. Purpose of flight
O. Whether dangerous goods on board and if so, UN number, ICAO class and division
P. Name of consignor
Postal address
Fax number
E-mail (if any)
AFTN address (if any)
Q. Name and address of consignee
Postal address
Fax number
E-mail (if any)
AFTN (if any)
(For general relief commodities, consignee may be described as “to whom it may concern")

R. services/facilities required
S. Name of local handling agent
Postal address
Fax number
E-mail (if any)
AFTN (if any)

T. Final destination
U. Place of immediate landing after departure from Sri Lanka
V. Outbound ATS route including exit point of Colombo FIR
W. Whether the operator has operated into VCBI or over Colombo FIR (within the preceding three years) and if so the last date of operation type of aircraft and registration number

(Note: items P and Q are not applicable for non-scheduled (passenger), Relief, Search and Rescue, Private or Ambulance flights)

Flight clearance or re-clearance once granted remains valid for a period of two days from the day of intended operation.

Re-clearance shall quote the Flight Clearance / Re-clearance number and indicate the expected new date and time of operations and any other details required if there is any change in the previously indicated information.

Re-cleared flights will be issued with a re-clearance number which shall be quoted for any subsequent references.

Delayed operations that fall within the two days of planned operations or cancellations should be notified forthwith to DGCA and Colombo Area Control Center

The Pilot-in-Command of the aircraft shall, on demand by an authorized person, produce any of the following documents relating to the aircraft or the persons and / or the goods carried therein for inspection

Certificate of registration
Certificate of airworthiness
Licenses of its operating crew
Journey Log Book
Telecommunication Log
Any license to install and use a radio apparatus in the aircraft
In case of a public transport aircraft, one of the load sheets relating to the aircraft
In case of a public transport aircraft, one of the copies of the certificate of safety which was last issued in respect of the aircraft
Passenger manifest showing names and places of embarkation and disembarkation
Cargo Manifest
Handling of Aircraft

The handling of the aircraft should be entrusted to a recognized airline e.g. SriLankan Airline and the DGCA is advised of the arrangements made, before the landing.

Civil Aviation:

Director General of Civil Aviation / CEO
Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka
No 64 Suprime Bldg
Galle Rd
Colombo 3
Sri Lanka

Commercial Telegraphic: AIRCIVIL Colombo
Telephone: + 94 11 2333447
Tele-Fax: + 94 11 2440231
E-mail: sldgca@slt.lk

From The Website of the Government of Sri Lanka (www.priu.gov.lk).

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