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Thursday, 6 January, 2005

Sri Lanka: Important Info for Relief Agencies & Volunteers

For all medical volunteers & relief agencies going to SL or are already in there:

1. Batticaloa Disaster Health Response Team (BDHeaRT)

BDHeaRT was formed through the consolidation of a number of separate efforts that developed during the initial days following the disaster. BDHeaRT Medical teams currently visit camps on a rotational basis with the aim of providing medical services twice a week in each of the approx. 100 camp /shelter locations in the Batticaloa District.

Headquarters : DPDHS office, Batticaloa ( +94-65-2222931)
Contact person : Dr. M. Ganesan (+94-776063898).

There is a pressing need to coordinate with other providers of medical services to ensure adequate, consistent and equitable coverage of affected populations. All medical service providers working in Batticaloa who are not yet coordinated with BDHeaRT are requested to make contact at the above address/number - so that there is no wasting of scarce resources and
time due to duplicating or interfering with each other's work.

2. Helicopters are now available on a first come first serve basis for anyone that wants them to
travel to distant areas. Please contact Suren Mirchandani on 0777 717 300 to book From outside Sri Lanka dial +94777 717 300

3. Interactive maps on the tsunami affected areas are available at the following site (useful for potential volunteers and current/future aid agencies.

For all potential volunteers going to Sri Lanka:

All those who wish to volunteer in Sri Lanka, please contact the following people:

Mark Weekramasinghe (ASEC-supported) - +94776904029
Email: volunteerssrilanka@hotmail.com
ASEC will also have a reception desk at the airport to record names of people coming into country.

CNO (Center for National Operations):4740231-4
Email: cno@presidentsoffice.lk

UNDP-UNV (United Nations Development Programme-United Nations Volunteers):
Stacy White - +94777-726-448
Email: stacey.white@usa.net
Saumik De - +94773157458
Ayashkant Bhanja - +94773157911
Anita Shah - +94777726448
Daminda Solangarachchi - 011-239-5267

All the above UNDP & UNV staff are based in Colombo

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