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Saturday, 1 January, 2005

Srilanka - Field Report

Source : Relief Web


As of 31 December, 28,508 people were reported dead, 5,023 are still missing. 804,599 persons are displaced. Approximately, 80,000 houses were destroyed.


The Government’s Task Force has requested that the manifests for all incoming shipments of aid be sent to them in advance to ensure efficient processing and to facilitate distribution. There have been some bottlenecks at the airport, which has limited warehouse space. The manifests need to be sent in advance to: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of External Resources: der@foreign.gov.mv, fax: +960 317 592 and copy to: The Aid Coordination Unit: rshareef@dhivehinet.net.mv. UNDP Focal Point for Logistics: shaheem.razee@undp.org

List of urgently needed items / equipments for restoring water supply facilities: bladder (foldable tanks) of varying capacity and quick assembly steel tanks – 10 to 60 m3 capacity with tank stands; small package water purification plants with generators; flange adaptors (restrained joints) suitable for DI/ PE pipe connections 250 – 500 mm range dia pipes (10 Nos from each size); 100-500 mm dia. range ductile iron wide range coupling (bigger numbers of smaller sizes); water disinfection kits and ceramic water filters, taps, stands, etc.; engine driven portable well cleaning equipments (pumps of 10-30m head); portable generators and flood lights; foldable tents for working crews; life jackets and rubber dinghies; safety harness equipment; general tool kits and equipment for quick repair and maintenance work.

The Disaster Relief Network (DRN) has set up operation at the airport in Colombo and signed an agreement with the Government of Sri Lanka to receive all incoming relief commodities. Agencies / organisations sending relief commodities to Sri Lanka are requested to provide the following information on the virtual OSOCC in addition to the clearance request to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The information required by DRN is: cargo specification, weight and quantity, origin, consignee, a contact point of the receiving agency in Sri Lanka and instructions on how to contact, specification if commodities are for common use or for specific agency.

Priority needs: safe drinking water, proper sanitation, shelter, clothing, transport vehicles, drugs and medical supplies.

Import procedures for relief commodities to Sri Lanka are available on the UNJLC website (www.unjlc.org).

UN Response

Four groups of UN staff volunteers have been sent to the districts of Galle, Hambantota, Kalatura and Matara to assist the local authorities to coordinate the relief effort. Two more groups will be sent 1 January 2005 to Ampara and Batticaloa. UNDAC members have been deployed together with UN Volunteers in the more problematic districts to assist them in the initial coordination phase.

Dispatch of WFP food commodities so far has reached around 140,000 people.

The following website aims to be a support for relief and reconstruction efforts: Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami (http://www.ldeo.columbia.edu/~lareef/tsunami/)

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Blogger PajamaHadin said :

A letter from a Sri Lankan student requesting help is at PajamaHadin Blog

Sat Jan 01, 06:56:00 am IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Al-Muslimaath organisation is a good option to donate in Sri Lanka. and we hear that they are well planned.

Sat Jan 01, 06:22:00 pm IST