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Sunday, 9 January, 2005

US-based NGO interested in setting up Child Trauma Therapy Centers

A US-based NGO who primarily work with Autistic children, are interested to come to South East Asia to set up Child Trauma Therapy Centers in the orphan centers of all the countries affected by the Tsunami. They need to be put into contact with a top level contact in order to provide these services. They will be going into each of these countries and will be using “In country” people to train and work under his people’s direction.

Aid agencies working on orphanage programs in each country are requested to contact Sandya Advani at http://www.ryze.com/go/sandystravelcare

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Blogger colleen hardiman said :

this disaster has affected me more then any personal loss I’ve ever incurred, or atrocity it’s seen. It has touched part of my soul. I am a healthy young woman, I currently live in Asia in Taiwan. I am a teacher here, elementary, kindergarten, and adults. I have volunteer experience in Asia. My desire is to work, volunteer for a International NGO. I have been doing fundraisers here but feel the need to give hands on support. I am able to cover my plane ticket and expenses for myself while there. I have no time constraints or obligations, I'm in this for the long haul. I am able bodied, strong willed and minded, work hard, learn quickly, and have a wide open heart. I am ready, and more then willing to pack up my life here and go. I also have some office skills, have organized fund raisers, and years of food prep and service experience. I am willing to do ANYTHING at all whatever is needed... More then anything I want to help...I am actively seeking a volunteer position in South Asia so please contact me with any questions... I have a lot to give. I am also CPR and first aid certified. I will not go until I have a volunteer placement as I don't want to be in the way siphoning off much needed food, water, etc...
thank you colleen hardiman
Taiwan cell 0930207109

Sun Jan 09, 08:28:00 pm IST