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Wednesday, 2 February, 2005

CSFTxt - Global Alert Retrieval Cache

We have launched CSFTxt, the Global Alert Retrieval Cache. If you have an SMS enabled cellphone chances are that you can send a short email through it. As you might know, emails can be directly routed onto a blog. This system can be used for tsunami affected areas to route information more effectively.

For instance, on my Hutch cellphone I have Orange Plus>My Services>Yahoo>YahooMail. Once you OK that it asks you for a login, and then a password. Once you are logged in from your cellphone you send emails by replying to SMSes from Yahoo. If you don't have a Yahoo Mail id
use this:

login: csftxt
password: world123

To send an email, reply to Yahoo's SMS by typing:

To fadereu.csftxt@blogger.com [your message] and your SMS should instantly appear on CSFTxt.

Also, we on CSF invite bloggers/friends, basically citizen reporters from Nepal to join us on CSF and CSFTxt. Suggestions and volunteers are welcome.

We need volunteers to become Admins of CSFTxt so that spam and Yahoo Advertisements can be edited out as soon as possible. Please drop a comment on CSFTxt is you wish to volunteer, with your email ID.
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