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Monday, 3 January, 2005

AID Chennai: Field Report from Karikattu Kuppam

Excerpts from the full report:

...We,30+ AID volunteers and a bunch of Full-Timers,left for Karikattu Kuppam along the east coast road of chennai which was one among the villages hit by the now familiar tsunami, on saturday - a new year that hopefully shd bring hope and happiness to all.We left in 2 vans alongwith a truck of relief materails- clothes & blankets...

...The Tsunami had struck around 8.30PM local time when most of them were in their houses.In fact,we were told only a handful were in the sea at that time.They saw a huge wave of water rushing in at tremendous speed(could be abt 10mts high from what they told us) and within no time everyone was in neck-deep water.Since the men were also home,they swam took their kids & elders along wth to safety.One lady told us that they simply walked as fast as they could in neck-deep water to safety....

...What they need?Murugan & Vedha told us - "Sir,we are very grateful to the public for helping us in this critical juncture.However,we need to get back to our job - fishing.We have lost almost all the boats(100+),fishing nets which cost us around 1 lakh per family.We desperately need them so that we can take care of ourselves"...

For the entire report, visit: Full Field Report

Source: AIDIndia Website
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Anonymous Anonymous said :

From the staff at www.tugme.com we would like to say thanks for making a very informative blog!!! We have donated $3,500 so far and would like to encourage every visitor to donate to this aweful tragedy.

Tue Jan 04, 12:36:00 am IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Christians should Pray for folks to come to know Jesus out of this. Pray for any missionaries out there spreading the Gosple of Jesus Christ.

Tue Jan 04, 04:49:00 pm IST