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Monday, 10 January, 2005

Newly released video shows tsunami sweeping through Indonesian town

A videotape shot as a tsunami swept through Indonesia's Aceh province aired for the first time Sunday and showed a roiling torrent of dark brown water engulfing a busy street, picking up cars and minivans and sending people scrambling up the sides of buildings.

The videotape, broadcast by Metro TV -- a commercial channel based in Jakarta, was shot by a cameraman named Hasyim who normally photographs weddings. He captured a horrific record of the unfolding Dec. 26 disaster, starting minutes after a giant undersea earthquake in the Indian Ocean toppled buildings and including a scene hours later showing a long line of corpses covered with cloth.

Read the Full Article at The Houston Chronicle
Watch the video from APTN (requires RealPlayer)
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Anonymous Anonymous said :

Video released on Jan 9 not accessible from posted link. Wander endless through sales pitches by APTN if clck on "APTN" ib post

Mon Jan 10, 10:17:00 AM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Further if you click on thw word "watch" all you get is the APs chopped up and disunited news teaser showing snatches of the video. Not worth the time to even link. Can't access it from major news sources even with Real Player without joining their groups and payng monthly fees.

Mon Jan 10, 10:21:00 AM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Just a waste of your time.

Mon Jan 10, 10:55:00 AM IST  
Blogger ~ Roy said :

This information is not fully correct. There was a family in Banda Aceh who had a wedding ceremony, one of their relatives were working on some recording by vidcam (the amateur cameraman is Cut Putri). Cut Putri is the one who shot those happenings, she was interviewed by Metro TV in a special programme named "4 hours with Tsunami's Witnesses". It was awful, really.

Mon Jan 10, 02:32:00 PM IST