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Wednesday, 5 January, 2005

South Indian Federation of Fishermen Societies - Info Center


This site has been set up by the South Indian Federation of Fishermen Societies (SIFFS, www.siffs.org) as an information exchange on Relief, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction (RRR) activities.

"Relief camps in Kanyakumari have been reduced to 26 from its earlier strength of 72 as more people move back to areas closer to their villages"

"In Kanyakumari, fishermen and women in relief camps are cautiously moving back to examine the remains of their homes"

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Anonymous Anonymous said :

AID endorses RSS (the only political group working at grass-roots)At this point I would like to add that enormity of the problem is so much that one must try and work with every since group that is doing work on the field-whether NGOs, Govt, local unions and organizations, or other youth and women's organizations and even groups that might have some political affiliations. One can not afford to be fussy about working with different groups (as long as they are sincere and work efficiently). What matters now is reaching relief and rehabilitation to all those who need it.


AID - thats what I call true spirit

Wed Jan 05, 04:25:00 AM IST