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Thursday, 6 January, 2005

Tips on Avoiding Tsunami Charity Scams - Please Read Before Donating

Trent Stamp, the executive director of Charity Navigator, a non-profit organization that evaluates the financial health of charities, told "Good Morning America" how to give wisely to the victims of the Dec. 26 tsunami.

Give to an Established Charity

There are a number of Web sites you can visit to research legitimate organizations, including:

Charity Navigator: www.charitynavigator.org

The Better Business Bureau: www.give.org/index.asp

Guide Star — a database of non-profit organizations: www.guidestar.org

You also can call or visit the Web site of your state attorney general's office to check a charity or have them investigate a possible charity scam.

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Blogger The Crewcut said :

The best people to contribute money to is World Vision (www.worldvision.com). They normally support areas for a long period of time (like after the Orissa floods) unike other aid agencies.

They are also a well managed Christian organisation not to mention being the largest NGO in the world.

Thu Jan 06, 01:43:00 PM IST  
Blogger someone else said :

I've heard World Vision has been doing a lot of conversion activity.

I know this might not be the most popular viewpoint, but I think that in looking for an NGO to give to, in addition to transparency, people ought to consider what the organization does long term as well as whether it's international, local, etc. I think supporting local grassroots work is more important than giving more money to the Red Cross, although both are great. I've tried to set up a list of organizations that are "safe" to give to and listed the criteria and means of getting the information at http://progressivetsunamihelp.blogspot.com in the sidebar.

Thu Jan 06, 11:55:00 PM IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

i am very sorry to hear what happened. i have donated endless amounts to your cause.

Fri Jan 07, 02:57:00 PM IST  
Anonymous The Charity Blogger said :

A key decision-maker when choosing a charity to support is: were they working in the Kashmir area for some time *before* the earthquake? If they were, they will have a better political network and better understanding of the people and their needs. So review the website of your favourite charity to see if they *know* Kashmir before contributing. More similar thoughts at The Charity Blogger.

Wed Oct 12, 07:03:00 AM IST