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Tuesday, 11 January, 2005

'What can we do?' Architects of the world ask

The moment the scale of the disaster caused by the Indian Ocean tsunami came to be known, the phone in Cameron Sinclair's tiny New York studio began to ring. Incessantly. And, as it rang, emails flooded into West 20th Street. Sinclair runs Architecture for Humanity, a small but effective pressure group founded in 1999 aimed at directing design talent to areas of the world affected by trauma, from earthquakes (such as Bam) to the Aids epidemic (sub-Saharan Africa), to war (Kosovo), and now the great waves that struck the south Asian coastlines on December 26.
So what does he tell them? "Now's not the time for them to switch off their computers and rush for the next flight to Indonesia or Sri Lanka where they'd have little to offer, and would be just more mouths to feed. My advice to them is to study, to learn the skills that will make their contribution truly useful when diasaster strikes in the future."

Source: Guardian
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Blogger shedarbrasil said :

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Tue Jan 11, 04:24:00 pm IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

Personally I think that the USA and other countrys are trying there hardest to help others in Asia but people back at home in those countrys could definitley be doing more. The USA is already in debt and we havent thought twice about giving them money. PEOPLE WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Tue Jan 11, 07:57:00 pm IST  
Blogger Tami said :

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Thank you and please I need to help but, this is the only way.

Tue Jan 11, 09:49:00 pm IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

I want to know why OPEC hasn't helped at all. I haven't heard anything, and Indonesia is one of the eleven developing nations within OPEC. Must be nice to be part of a group that doesnt even throw a piece of s*it your way when you're in need. I think this should be an eye opener to everyone worldwide as a premonition of the ruthless characteristics that OPEC is demonstrating during this time of grief. OPEC is more of a "guardian" to Indonesia that the USA or any other country involved in this relief for that matter, and they haven't helped at all. OPEC is only concerned about limiting production of oil, so the price doesnt drop below $40 a barrel. God forbid gas prices are reasonable. OPEC is EVIL EVIL EVIL....OPEN YOUR EYES AMERICA, THEY ARE THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. Isn't it nice that 6 of the 11 OPEC members are part of the middle east (the asshole end of nowhere). So essentially, Osama Bin Laden probably sits down and has tea with these pompous towel heads, and after that OPEC cuts him a nice check to fund his next terror strike. It's a vicious cycle and you CAN NOT leave your fate in the hands of BUSH or any president. You must activly research these topics on your own and make a difference, make some noise America. We are falling shadow to the rest of the world because we thought we were so much better. We are not and we must be vigilant untill the very end. The world is forever changing. The American dollar is dropping. STOP BEING LAZY. We are the youth and the future of tomorrow. A disengaged youth of america only sets the path for iminent failure. I know this post will upset some, and your first line of defense will be to attack my spelling. Go ahead, because I just wanted to get a point across, and I hope this motivates some people to help individuals like me pressure OPEC. I want to know why, and I wanted the answers yesterday. Make it happen people.


Tue Jan 11, 10:04:00 pm IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :

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Tue Jan 11, 10:25:00 pm IST  
Blogger Tami said :

Ok About OPEC and other resourses. This this has gotten way out of control. If you can see the pictures taken from space this Tsamni was of an epic distruction. The only thing that I can think of that was either this distructive or worse was that of the Bible that Christians use. 40 days and 40 nights and everything was gone. Look, my point is,, is this. Could you give me a rough estimate of how much it is going to cost to clean and then rebuild. Everyone in this world IS trying to reach out the best way that they can. Including me. I cannot give finacially BUT, I have so many clothes that I do not wear neither does my son. Would you like to pick them up so that they can get them????? Realistically speaking I think not. As an American I find it rather disturbing that you cannot see the tree in the field. America is giving out the most in this proccess. Some countries cannot do what we can because, they cannot afford it period. If they simply just meditate,pray,whatever do you know how much that is????? Worth more than mear money itself. People do what they can. I talked to a person yesterday they simply just cry. I can feel their pain. I was without now it is my turn to try to help.... Try putting yourself in their shoes before you start bashing an organization. That is not what life is all about. This may take years for them to recover. Each nation in this world will make a contribution one way or another.

Tue Jan 11, 10:42:00 pm IST  
Anonymous Anonymous said :


Thank you for your feedback on my post. I understand where you are coming from. This natural disaster was devastating is every way shape and form. I am, however, very confused about your references to religion in your post. I will defend nor condone any religion on a public board, but you obviously felt that your response was inadiquite and resorted to bashing religion. "The only thing that I can think of that was either this destructive or worse was that of the Bible that Christians use".-(Tami) Your grammar is right on key here too. But, putting that aside, I don't think you realize the magnitude of the topic I brought up earlier. OPEC is worth a tremendous amount. Billions of dollars is just pocket change to that organization, and they only donated 1.2m, which came from a subsidiary fund that isn't even OPEC. You need to stop sputtering sentence fragments on a public post, do some research, and provide a decent argument instead of making yourself look stupid. I don't make fun of people on a regular basis, but your post was...well stupid. So, you think I should put myself in their shoes before bashing them (OPEC). Honey, I couldn't even afford of pair of their gold plated shoes. The organization is filthy rich and good-natured countries such as the USA, are using funds we don’t really have to help a developing nation when OPEC is sitting back and laughing because everyone else did what they should have taken priority on. There will be nations that won't contribute, and I can guarantee that. I know that some countries can't afford to help, but OPEC CAN AFFORD TO HELP, and that is an understatement. They are an unhumane, greed stricken organization. And it makes me sick that another American would defend them. Take my post how you want, but if you remove all the insults, its actually a very good post with a lot of true statements, so if your not TAMI, filter out the TAMI comments and enjoy my post. Thank you for your time America. Thank you for nothing OPEC. And thank you TAMI for the indigestion I got when I read your reply to my post.

Wed Jan 12, 10:24:00 am IST