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Tuesday, 11 January, 2005

Sri Lanka's Tsunami Emergency Maps For Relief Efforts Made Available At The SEA EAT Wiki

The Wiki Team at the SEA EAT (South East Asian Earthquake And Tsunami) Project have coordinated with MapAction at CNO in Sri Lanka to make their maps viewable by aid organizations and relief volunteers which are helpful for navigational & emergency rescue efforts. These maps have been developed by combining all stakeholders in an emergency response situation and are current and tremendously useful.

This move to make such emergency maps produced and developed by GIS Experts such as MapAction (a charitable organization from the UK) available to a worldwide audience allows for pre-planning of aid distribution & relief tasks before the relief organization and its volunteers are on the ground. Therefore, donations, funds, organization's facilities, volunteers and aid relief are utilized efficiently yet effectively. Our long-term aim is to obtain & constantly update all emergency tsunami maps for affected nations of the South Asian Tsunami and make them available for bonafide relief operations and volunteers.

You can view the list of available maps, and the public password needed to view them at the SEA EAT Wiki.

Thanks to the following group of talented and hardworking people who were instrumental in fulfilling this achievement:

- Nigel Woof & Ming Lee of the MapAction Team for giving the SEA EAT Project the authorization for the usage of all their maps.

- Constantin Basturea of the SEA EAT Project & Wiki Team for formatting and integrating all the Sri Lankan Tsunami Emergency maps content into the wiki and providing future tech support.

-Angelo Embuldeniya of the SEA EAT Project & AsiaQuake DB Team for coordinating map information and other requests with the MapAction Team.

-Bala Pitchandi & Rudi Cilibrasi of the SEA EAT Project Team for coordinating efforts between the Wiki Team and the Project Team.

-Rohit Gupta of Chiens Sans Frontiers for doing a press release about the maps and making everyone aware of them at CSF.
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