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Tuesday, 11 January, 2005

Vietnam Vets to Search for Landmines Stirred by the Tsunami

The Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation's Information Management & Mine Action Programs (iMMAP) is sending five disaster specialists to South Asia. "iMMAP specialists will gather, collate, and analyze critical relief data regarding at-risk populations, the threats posed by landmines unearthed by massive flooding, the geographic locations of communities, and the logistical operations required to deliver aid to millions of people," said Joe Donahue, iMMAP's program director.

VVAF's immediate goal is to raise $900,000 to support earthquake and flood victims in South Asia. "As relief efforts phase into longer term rehabilitation, this goal may be revised," according to Chris Gilson, Vice President of Marketing and Development. This amount will enable VVAF to send seven additional disaster specialists to the region, and begin providing rehabilitation services to victims.

"As with war, natural disasters of the scale of the earthquake and tsunami in South Asia create urgent needs, and inspire all of us into action," said foundation president Bill Belding. "By sending our specialists to assist international efforts to respond to the catastrophe, VVAF brings its technical expertise to the aid of victims."
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