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Wednesday, 5 January, 2005

Field Report From Cuddalore - Tamilnadu

Nity Jayaram of AID India reports from cuddalore:

Nity(anand) Jayaraman, longtime collaborator with AID on Bhopal and community environment projects. Nity is visiting all affected places in Cuddalore, TN:

Sunday marked the end of one week of Tsunami relief efforts. Life is far from reaching normalcy in the affected areas. Many of the villages in Cuddalore have been reached by non-governmental organisations and public interest groups, including residents' associations and community groups from all over India. The response has literally overwhelmed the rural areas.

The District Administration in Cuddalore has done fairly better than Its counterparts in other parts of the country. WIthin 24 hours of the disaster, access roads had been cleared to many of the villages and within villages. Areas that could only be reached by boat remain that way even now. Villages that were inaccessible before the disaster - especially certain scheduled caste/tribe villages on the edges of fishing villages also remain as inaccessible today. After the panic created by the false alarm of a second tsunami, people have begun returning to the houses or what's left of it.

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