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Monday, 10 January, 2005

Message board for volunteers and aid organisations in German

Dirk Jung has set up a German language message board for volunteers who want to travel to the disaster region, and for organisations who are looking for volunteers to help there.
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Blogger Toifor Disaster Relief said :

Dear Sirs,

we would like to bring your attention to our disaster relief service. Toifor can support your disaster relief efforts with 2 water purification and desalination facilities available for immediate deployment into the region. Each facility can produce a minimum of 100 metric tons of potable water from any source daily. With our experienced operators these systems can be airlifted and built up anywhere, with regular cargo departments and can be fully operational in 6-8 days after order. We have our own power generation with each facility.

Furthermore can we deploy 3000 to 5000 portable toilets, with maintenance and service equipment and operators to the region.

Please find a brief background of our company TOIFOR to establish our credentials and the services that we are able to provide your organization at this time.

Toifor was established in 1996 as a disaster relief service company under a combined German-Hungarian owner and management partnership, initially to service military requirements in the Balkans (IFOR operation). Since then Toifor has become the leading portable sanitation company in Europe and the Middle East and have added further services such as potable water purification, supply and distribution as required by the various situations.

The major business has been with the military and Toifor currently has major contracts with the military especially in Iraq, and Kuwait with KBR and others. Since 1996 Toifor have opened operations in Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, Albania, Greece, Turkey Macedonia, and Kosovo.

We have also had experience in social and natural disasters and have been providing sanitation services to refugee camps with more then 50,000 population. In 1999 we worked with the earthquake relief efforts in Turkey and in 1997 with the relief efforts at the Split airplane crash.

Due to our excellent work with the UN Procurement department we are now listed by UNCSD under our own item number Portable Sanitation Service No. 562-247. Further references and letters of recommendation can be found at our web site www.Toifor.com.

Tsunami Disaster Relief program

The main services that we are able to provide in the short term within 7 to 10 days - in Indonesia and Sri Lanka are:

Portable toilet services
We have initially air freighted sufficient portable toilets for us to service a total population of between 20-30,000 and are able to procure more on a short term basis if and when necessary

Water purification
We have air shipped a 1500 gallon per hour portable water purification system (desalination system) with its own power generating system which can be set up in remote areas close to the sea and close to where the needs are.

On the longer term we are able to provide water distribution and storage systems.

We fully service our portable toilets and work on a contractual basis. Prices depend on various factors such as the grouping of the toilets for more efficient servicing, time and location requirements.

We hope that this is sufficient initial information and look forward to meeting with you to discuss the needs in more detail and in person.

My name is Karl Krause. I am in Jakarta and can be reached either at cell telephone number +49-175-418-8815, or by e-mail at Krause@toifor.com. We have another representative in Colombo. Mr. Ian Taylor can be reached under +36-306-885-292, or at telephone number + 53-4 4644 Apartment 703.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Karl F Krause

Mon Jan 10, 03:00:00 PM IST