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Friday, 31 December, 2004

Guidelines for working with separated children: Psychosocial Responses to the Sri Lankan Tsunami Disaster

From the Blog of the Psychosocial Support Program, Sri Lanka

The following is a draft set of guidelines compiled by the Psychosocial Support Programme of the IWTHI Trust (Tel: +94-11-4516408/+94-11-4515279; Email: pspcp@eol.lk)on 31st December 2004. The primary reference document from which this information was summarised was Separated Children: Care and Protection of Children in Emergencies A Field Guide. Save the Children Federation 2004. Please send comments or additions to these draft guidelines via the link at the bottom of this POST - or via email to the above address. These guidelines will be revised or updated as information comes in from other agencies active on the ground in Sri Lanka.

 For children, relationships with a significant adult (a family member, teacher, aunt etc.) are very important. Being able to trust at least one adult who can take care of them can pull them through stressful times.

 It is not always the event that can have a psychological and emotional impact on the child, but the lack of emotional support, separation from parents or family, taken out of familiar context and community, and grief and distress of parents and adults.

 Do not remove or separate children from family members. Do not separate siblings. If family members are missing try to keep the child with someone he/she knows and trusts and support that caregiver and child.

 Identify informal care systems that exist in the community (relatives or neighbours taking care of children), and find out if traditional care systems have been affected by crises/disaster.

 Moving a child from such informal care arrangements provided by the community or other family members could bring additional distress. A child should be moved only if the assessment shows that the child is suffering from emotional or physical abuse, exploitative labour, neglect, poor care or abandonment from these new care givers.

 Provide economic, social and emotional support to these informal arrangements so that the child can remain in familiar surroundings and within relationships that they trust.

 Children should be informed of care arrangements and be consulted in decision-making processes about their care.

 Be honest and open about the disaster. Don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know” and keep discussions about the their experiences open and honest.

 In cases of children being separated from family members or siblings collect as much information as possible from the child, from the people the child was found with, and relatives/friends/school teachers. Give this information to groups documenting and working on missing people. If possible take a photograph of the child and attach to the file.

 It is important to document all possible information as soon as the child is found. Please register separated children immediately with relevant government authorities such as child probation officers and local police stations. Measures are currently underway by Probation & Childcare and National Child Protection Authories to support tracing and care for such children. Registering children is ESSENTIAL for successful care in the coming days and weeks. More information on these measures will be provided as soon as they are available. Record the following information: Name and pet name(whatever the child remembers), Age, Sex, Address or Village name, Names of family members, relatives (in the area and outside the area), friends and neighbours, Name of school, occupation of parents, where the child is located currently and where he/she may be moved.

 Before moving the child anywhere, show the child to adults and children from the area that may recognise him/her.

 Establish a location where adults can also provide information about missing children and maintain detailed database on this.

 If children are being moved for some unavoidable reason provide children with identity tags (with the above information), provide drivers of vehicles transporting children with rosters of names and other details of children, register children in location they are being moved from and give clear information about where they are being moved to. At all times, attempt to keep children close to their homes or at least within a major town in the district.

 Try to involve older children and adolescents in activities carried out in the camp/displaced community – such as distributing goods, documenting information, caring for younger children etc.

 All notices and information provided should be in simple language so that a child of 12 years can understand and follow it.

 Be sensitive to special needs or adolescent girl children, such as menstruation, special clothing and undergarments, toilet facilities and safety.

 Try to maintain a daily routine (however basic such as regular eating and sleeping times) for the child as much as possible.

 If someone comes to claim a child, make sure that the child is able to identify the person. In all cases, take down information (ID number, address, contact details) of the person claiming the child prior to handing the child over. Remember that some people may be trying to take advantage of the situation to exploit such vulnerable children.

 Normal stress reactions when faced with crises situations or disasters:

 Anxiety, sleeplessness, grief, shock, emotio nal numbness or expression is part of any normal human response. Important: These are normal and expected reactions from children and should not be treated as a major psychological trauma or pathological reactions needing professional help.

 Respect children’s responses and allow them time and opportunities to express them in a way that they are comfortable with.

 Attend to immediate needs of the children and be supportive.

 Be sensitive to children with special needs, such as children with disabilities.

 Be kind, calm, and attempt to explain everything that is being done, even if you are not sure that the child/children understand you.

From the Blog of the Psychosocial Support Program, Sri Lanka

From Habitat International Coalition website, crossposted at TsunamiHelp:

Five days after the tsunami of 26 December, news continues to pour in of increasing number of deaths and destruction of homes and livelihoods in South and South East Asia. UN agencies, governments and civil society groups all over the world have launched several relief and rehabilitation initiatives. Unfortunately due to the massive scale of destruction, there is an urgent need to step up efforts.

While there is an immediate need to contribute towards relief operations which includes provision of drinking water, food, blankets and medical assistance, we also need to keep in mind that reconstruction and restoration of homes and livelihoods, particularly of fishing communities who have suffered the most, will be one of our biggest challenges over the next few months. At the South Asia Regional Programme of Habitat International Coalition - Housing and Land Rights Network (HIC-HLRN), we are in touch with partner organisations in affected areas and trying to raise funds to meet relief and rehabilitation needs. In New Delhi, we are a part of a consortium of concerned organisations and individuals that has come together to form the Delhi Tsunami Relief Committee to coordinate assistance and support to local organisations involved in the relief efforts. The Committee has agreed to focus on the most severely affected areas of the Andaman and Nicobar islands and in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The Committee has also agreed to focus primarily on rehabilitation of the displaced and restoration of livelihoods.

For those interested in contributing to this effort, listed below are a few options

1. Delhi Tsunami Relief Fund,Indian Social Institute, 10, Institutional Area, Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110 003, India
2. Association for India's Development (AID), P.O. Box F, College Park, MD-20741, USA.

Association for India's Development (AID) working among affected communities in Tamil Nadu in southern India. Contributions to AID can be made through secure on-line credit-card deductions from AID's website: http://survivors.aidindia.org where further details and updates will also be made available. Please indicate that your contribution is for the "Relief and Rehabilitation Fund". Contributions can also be sent by check made payable to "AID" mailed to: Please indicate "Relief and Rehabilitation Fund" in the check memo.
In India, cheques for AID can be mailed to AID-India, Old No 132, New No 242, Avvai Shanmugam Road, Gopalapuram, Chennai - 600 086, Tamil Nadu, India.

3. Our partners in Sri Lanka - Institute of Social Development is engaged in relief efforts in the eastern province of Sri Lanka and are in urgent need for funds. We request you to kindly support their efforts. For details contact K.Yogeswary at kandyisd AT sltnet D-O-T lkFor questions on relief efforts in India and Sri Lanka or on contributions to the Delhi Tsunami Relief Committee and Association for India's Development please contact Malavika Vartak at mvartak AT hic-sarp D-O-T org or Vishal Thakre at vthakre AT hic-sarp D-O-T org We will continue to send you regular updates on relief and reconstruction efforts and on ways in which you can contribute.

HIC-HLRN will continue to work with affected communities beyond immediate relief, and into the second stage where will seek to ensure that the human rights approach is adopted in all rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts. We look forward to your supportIn solidarityMiloon Kothari, Priti Darooka, Malavika Vartak, Shivani Chaudhry, Vishal Thakre South Asia Regional Programme (SARP) Habitat International Coalition Housing and Land Rights Network (HLRN)B-28 Nizamuddin East New Delhi 110 013 IndiaTel/Fax: 00 91 11 2435 8492 web: www.hic-sarp.org

Appeal from Delhi Tsunami Relief Committee

From Habitat International Coalition website, crossposted at Progressive Change for Tsunami Victims:

Five days after the tsunami of 26 December, news continues to pour in of increasing number of deaths and destruction of homes and livelihoods in South and South East Asia. UN agencies, governments and civil society groups all over the world have launched several relief and rehabilitation initiatives. Unfortunately due to the massive scale of destruction, there is an urgent need to step up efforts.

While there is an immediate need to contribute towards relief operations which includes provision of drinking water, food, blankets and medical assistance, we also need to keep in mind that reconstruction and restoration of homes and livelihoods, particularly of fishing communities who have suffered the most, will be one of our biggest challenges over the next few months.
At the South Asia Regional Programme of Habitat International Coalition - Housing and Land Rights Network (HIC-HLRN), we are in touch with partner organisations in affected areas and trying to raise funds to meet relief and rehabilitation needs. In New Delhi, we are a part of a consortium of concerned organisations and individuals that has come together to form the Delhi Tsunami Relief Committee to coordinate assistance and support to local organisations involved in the relief efforts. The Committee has agreed to focus on the most severely affected areas of the Andaman and Nicobar islands and in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The Committee has also agreed to focus primarily on rehabilitation of the displaced and restoration of livelihoods.

For those interested in contributing to this effort, listed below are a few options
1. Delhi Tsunami Relief Fund,
Indian Social Institute,
10, Institutional Area, Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110 003, India
2. Association for India's Development (AID),
P.O. Box F, College Park,
MD-20741, USA.

Association for India's Development (AID) working among affected communities in Tamil Nadu in southern India. Contributions to AID can be made through secure on-line credit-card deductions from AID's website: http://survivors.aidindia.org/ where further details and updates will also be made available. Please indicate that your contribution is for the "Relief and Rehabilitation Fund". Contributions can also be sent by check made payable to "AID" mailed to: Please indicate "Relief and Rehabilitation Fund" in the check memo.

In India, cheques for AID can be mailed to AID-India, Old No 132, New No 242, Avvai Shanmugam Road, Gopalapuram, Chennai - 600 086, Tamil Nadu, India.

3. Our partners in Sri Lanka - Institute of Social Development is engaged in relief efforts in the eastern province of Sri Lanka and are in urgent need for funds. We request you to kindly support their efforts. For details contact K.Yogeswary at kandyisd AT sltnet D-O-T lk
For questions on relief efforts in India and Sri Lanka or on contributions to the Delhi Tsunami Relief Committee and Association for India's Development please contact Malavika Vartak at mvartak AT hic-sarp D-O-T org or Vishal Thakre at vthakre AT hic-sarp D-O-T org
We will continue to send you regular updates on relief and reconstruction efforts and on ways in which you can contribute.

HIC-HLRN will continue to work with affected communities beyond immediate relief, and into the second stage where will seek to ensure that the human rights approach is adopted in all rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts.

We look forward to your support
In solidarity
Miloon Kothari, Priti Darooka, Malavika Vartak, Shivani Chaudhry, Vishal Thakre

South Asia Regional Programme (SARP)Habitat International Coalition Housing and Land Rights Network (HLRN)B-28 Nizamuddin EastNew Delhi 110 013IndiaTel/Fax: 00 91 11 2435 8492
web: www.hic-sarp.org

Draft Guidelines For The Media On Reporting On The Tsunami Disaster

From the Blog of the Psychosocial Support Program, Sri Lanka

The following draft guidelines have been provided to the Psychosocial Support Programme of the IWTHI Trust (Tel: +94 11 4516408/ + 94 11 4515279; Email: pspcp@eol.lk/ pspdat@eol.lk). Please feel free to send in comments via email or the link provided below. The guidelines will be updated as we receive comments or additional insights from those active on the ground in Sri Lanka.

# Remember that the disaster is a national issue so that partisan or other vested interests must not be considered in reporting and/or commentary…

# Remember that the disaster is regional in scope so that the relief, reconstruction and rehabilitation work must be placed in context when reporting and/or commenting…

# Remember that the disaster is international in the attention it has and will receive so that reporting and/or commenting will reflect the state of the nation, affect its national developmental agenda, and impact the responses of the global community in crucial matters of aid and relief…

# Report and/or comment responsibly, reasonably and fairly keeping in mind not to sensationalise, speculate or generalise…

# Report and/or comment equitably keeping in mind that the people affected are from all races, religions, communities and geographical areas…

# Report and/or comment accurately yet positively keeping in mind the critical and crucial role that the media can play in the national effort to restore, reconstruct and rehabilitate Sri Lanka…

# Report and/or comment sensitively keeping in mind that lives have been lost, livelihoods irreparably damaged, property irrevocably lost and future prospects inestimably compromised…

# Reporting and/or comment with an emphasis of expectation that normal recovery will eventually take place for communities that have been affected – keeping in mind that emphasising losses will increase the sense of hopelessness and despair that people feel…

# Report and/or comment in ways that are reassuring and empathic about people and their current situations – keeping in mind that people are normally expected to exhibit stress reactions at this time; as also that being confused, sad and anxious are natural signs of shock and stress… as are crying, screaming or anger; and also that these are not signs of psychiatric impact or trauma…

# Report and/or comment humanely keeping in mind that people in these circumstances may still retain a sense of hope and humour, and may be active in reorganising their lives; as also that it is not a sign of ignorance or indifference if people who are affected smile or appreciate what they do have left…

# Report and/or comment while being mindful of human dignity while remaining sensitive and aware of the repercussions of depicting mutilated and decomposed bodies, as family members of the deceased who may view these in the media could be further distressed…

# Resolve to be sensitive in interviewing people keeping in mind not to ask them unnecessary personal questions, or force them to talk; as also allowing them to share what they would like to, even if it doesn’t make ‘good copy’…

Provided to the PSP of the IWTHI Trust by a Journalist who wishes to remain anonymous

31st December 2004

From the Blog of the Psychosocial Support Program, Sri Lanka

AID India hosts a website for volunteer registration - Interested Please Register

AID India has hosted a web page for volunteers where they can provide their contact and experience details.

If you are a interested volunteer please register at:

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Tsunami Disaster: MAITRI Response
Appeal: No. 3 : 31st December 2004…….. 1110 hrs
Light a candle in the gathering darkness…
You all are aware about the disaster caused by Tsunami in Asia. Media is updating you about it and you must have gone through our earlier appeals.
Our volunteers, who are trained in working in similar difficult situations, are now in the affected area around the coastline of Tamil Nadu. They worked in Chennai slums for a while, distributed basic materials such as rice packets and blankets collected in Pune and helped the work of cleaning the environment. They are now moving towards more needy villages across the coastline where there is need to provide immediate relief. Thanks for your support till now.
What is the situation now?
Rescue operations are still on ….. finding out missing people is underway ….. people are living in temporary shelters without basic amenities… safe drinking water facilities need to be built and properly maintained …. That is the top priority….though food is being supplied there is a growing danger of epidemics as sanitation situation is appalling … basic health care needs to be provided…. Trauma counselling needs to be organized to ensure that people don’t get further demoralised.…. Temporary housing needs to be provided ….. …… children, aged, pregnant women and mothers need special care ….
Who is doing what?
Government machinery is beginning to get organized….. International Aid agencies are assessing the situation, providing critical care…. The army is being mobilised…… there is a serious shortage of experienced personnel having training in disaster management …. the demand for volunteers is going to be enormous……….. now and later…………
What can we do?
Though Government machinery and International Aid Agencies have might, it is not sufficient. We, civil society, also have an important role.
MAITRI, who has clear mandate in working in disasters, and has some trained and experienced volunteers who worked after Bhuj Earthquake, is working towards making some difference.
We propose to help the rehabilitation process by providing temporary shelters with basic amenities at very specific and needy locations. We need to think of next phase and plan well and while doing so we intend to work with local non-Governmental organizations who know the situation better. With this we believe we could also influence the efforts of Government and International Donor Agencies.
Do not think that you cannot do anything, you certainly can make a difference. We cannot sit and watch this horrifying situation. Here is what you can do……….
If you know about basic health care, first aid, setting up quick water and sanitation facilities, can speak in Tamil and can spend at least 10-15 days, then we need your time right NOW! Contact us immediately. All volunteers will be selected and oriented by trained emergency relief experts before they leave.
If you know people who have these skills set and are willing to work in most difficult situations, ask them to get in touch with us.
Share this mail with your friends, talk to them and encourage them to come forward and give us your feedback or if any suggestions you have.
If you know somebody in Srilanka, who can help our volunteers then let us know. If possible we are trying to arrange technical and trained volunteers to the most needy situation.
We need to send rice to the affected……….. in 500 gram sealed packets for easy distribution………
We need blankets……………….
If you can share some of these financial requirements, send us your contribution. Our presence in the field will ensure that your contribution makes a difference in the lives of people. Send your cheques or drafts, in favour of "MAITRI"
‘Kalyan’,32, Natraj Society, Karvenagar, PUNE 411 052.
You contribution in kind can be handed over to our volunteers at Padale Palace, near Nal Stop, off Karve Road between 1700 hrs and 2000 hrs….. every day…….. the moment we get one truck load we will dispatch the same to the affected areas………..
Contact us at
vinitat@vsnl.com or jayuanil@vsnl.net
Vinita: 094225 21702 or Jayashree 098231 38888

How is Somalia tackling Tsunami? - Updates

Courtesy : Somali Net

Somalia:UN agencies appeal for help for tsunami-affected communities

Somali leaders plan relief fund

U.N. Struggles to Get Aid to Somali Town

200 killed, 50,000 displaced in Somalia due to tidal waves

UN Fills The Vacuum in Somalia - No Working Govt in Somalia

Somalia wave victims 'forgotten' by international community

Tsunami devastates Somali

Please add comments if there are any specific funds or aid agencies which are contributing to the relief work in somalia.

If you have any info on specific ways in helping somalian tsunami victions
please post you suggestion here

Rockin' up Tsunami Relief

The popular rap-metal band Linkin Park is leading a charity organization to raise funds for Tsunami relief. Full points to the band for helping build awareness among their large (and global) fan base. If, as they say in their press release, each one of their fans can donate just ten dollars...

NOW would be a good time to contact your favorite band/artist through his or her website. Write to them, write to their labels and band's management company. Urge them to donate.

Rock 'n Roll ain't noise pollution, right?

P.S.: Jackie Chan and Jet Li have similarly paved the way for actors to get in the act. So, if you prefer, write to your favorite film star.

Update on Sri Lanka's Impact: TRO

TRO has a detailed report on the status of aid efforts in LTTE held areas in Sri Lanka:











Rescue Operation Continuing





Rescue Operation Continuing





Rescue Operation Continuing





Rescue Operation Continuing





Rescue Operation Continuing





Rescue Operation Continuing





Report From Cuddalore district - Bhoomika Trust

Reported By Vanniarajan Chellappan (vrajan@cisco.com)

Volunteers of Bhoomika Trust had visited Parangipettai and surrounding areas of Cuddalore district on 29th/30th December. We visited several hamlets like Devanampattinam, Pachaiankuppam, Selambimankalam and a few villages on the road to Parangipettai. Some observations:

· By this time state government officials - revenue, public health and police have been able to reach out to these areas and establish relief operations
· There is a glut of some unwanted relief material like used clothes which is piling up in large quantities with no use for it
· In general a large number of organizations, both government and NGOs are in the field without a formal co-ordination mechanism to optimize the relief efforts
· There is shortage of essentials like basic medicines, as well as food rations for families in some areas.
· The ground situation changes dynamically by the hour, which poses a real challenge in effectively providing relief to the affected people. A lot of volunteers are required on a dedicated basis to co-ordinate activities between different organizations and manage the situation
· Revenue officials have a good idea on the immediate requirements of the affected families, and it will be a good idea for NGOs to co-ordinate efforts thru them.
· Media reporting is somewhat negative and needs to be more constructively focused on ensuring relief and rehabilitation reaches people in an effective way. Television channels can do a lot more in this respect.
· We talked to Mr.Gnanaparakasam, Tahsildar who provided us with details of Ration/Kitchen kits required by each family. He informed us that the government has plans to provide such kits. NGOs can help by coordinating with revenue officials in each taluk/block/panchayat to make for gaps in the government efforts. Details:

Ration kit
Thoor Dhall,Mustard Seeds,Tea,Chilly Powder,Tamarind,Salt
Palm Oil,Sugar,Rice,Potato,Onion,Turmeric,Masala Powder

Kitchen kit
Food plate,Tumbler,Rice ladle,Sambar ladle
Small Ladle,Knife,Rice pot,Rice pot lid,Sambar pot
Sambar pot lid,Water pot, Water Cans,Jerry can,Stove,Kerosene,Matches

Toilet kit
Soap,Washing soap,Toothpowder,Toothbrush,



TAMILNADU.(DIRECTIONS: At the 5 road Royapettah junction, take the Ehrlich Laboratory Road and turn on the 2nd right)
Phone:+91 44-52041505 Fax : +91 44-52060761 Email: bhoomikaindia@yahoo.co.in
Web: www.tsunami-india.org HOTLINE: 9840082793

Appeal from Voluntary Health Association, Kanayakumari

-- Below is an Appeal from VHA, Kanyakumari
Source : Charity Focus

Dear Friend,

Greetings to you

This is from Voluntary Health Association of Kanyakumari, VHAK, an NGO working among children, adolescents, women, youth and grownups in Kanyakumari district since 1994. Since then, it has formed and strengthened more than 7,000 neighbourhood parliaments among these groups.

The tsunami that occurred on December 26, 2004 has devastated many coastal villages in Kanyakumari district. The villages Collachel, Kottilpadu, Manakudy, Alikal, Pillaithope, Muttom and Kanyakumari are the most affected villages in this district. The entire village of Kottilpadu, Pillaithope and Alikal have been washed out. The people themselves are involved in removing the dead bodies and helping the people find out their loved ones both alive and dead. In Muttom Parish almost 365 houses were washed out, 42 bodies recovered, 20 more missing and a loss of 12 crores. In Colachel, Kottilpadu village the death toll is still rising. There is very less involvement from the Government be it in removing the debris or recovering the bodies from the rubble.

The children’s parliaments that functioned in the coastal villages have either lost their precious members or the members have lost their parents and become orphans. Almost 70 % of the dead were children.

The district administration is not well-equipped and trained to cope with this sort of calamities. As a result, they are in a state of stalemate whereupon they do not know what to do. It is the NGOs who are working hard to do some relief activities among the affected people. VHAK is one among them.

At present, on a short term basis, the staff and the volunteers of VHAK, numbering more than 500 would like to involve in undertaking emergency relief measures like medical help, supply food and clothing and temporary shelters.

We would like to obtain your cooperation in this respect in the form of financial assistance. Please let us know your response at the earliest time possible.

Please visit our website to confirm.

The amount could be sent to:

Voluntary Health Association of Kanyakumari (VHAK),

28, Kesari Street,
Nagercoil - 629 001
Kanyakumari dist., Tamilnadu

Bank details:
Account No: 397
Indian Overseas Bank
Vetturnimadam – 1043
Nagercoil – 629 003
Kanyakumari dist.,

May we hear from you.

Thanking you,

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Sr.Mercy Palatty,

India - Situation Report XII

Situation Report 12 was released today at 16oo HRS Indian Standard Time.

Information has been updated, and rescue and relief measures of the GO India have been outline.

FCRA for Indian organisations

For organisations wanting to source funds from outside India, please see the FCRA clearance guidelines as released by the Ministry of Home Affairs as released today.

Relief Coordination Meeting in Tamilnadu - NGOs Meet

Source : Charity Focus

A major coordination meeting among several NGOs that have come together to coordinate relief efforts in Tamil Nadu (TN) will take place this SUNDAY, January 2, at 9:30am in Chennai. The details are summarized below by Raju and Geetha Rajagopal, members of Indians for Collective Action (ICA):

1. Several groups have come together here in Chennai, including ICA and AID [Association for India's Development], the corporates, Banyan, some people from IIT, other citizens of Chennai, etc, with Bhoomika Trust and AID coordinating. We intend today to touch base with ActionAid and we are already connected with efforts in Bangalore, Trichy, etc. We are DIRECTLY working with the leaders of the fishing community in the South. We are also in touch with what is going on in Andaman/Nicobar islands (somewhat).

2. The latest needs in TN are attached from the notes of yesterday’s meeting here(see below).

3. Please direct $ donations to ICA (which will come to Bhoomika Trust) or to AID (which will directly come to AIDers in Tamilnadu who have been doing a fantastic job in South TN and have themselves lost volunteers to the sea.)

4. $ donations should be earmarked for Earthquake-Tsunami Relief/Rehabilitation, giving us the flexibility to use for the medium term rehab efforts

5. A major meeting is being coordinated for Sunday 2nd. Jan at Chennai to discuss Rehab from the point of view of both Livelihood and Counseling Needs. It will be conducted by Dr. Lakshmi Ravikanth of Bhoomika, Dr. Prashantham of Christian Counseling Center of Vellore, Sushma Iyengar and Binoy Chatterje from Gujarat, who will have toured the South and may join us, reps from the fishing community, perhaps people from NIMHANS, NGOs from the south will join us.

If you know of anyone interested in this important effort, please direct them to the following address:
REAL IMAGE, 7B, 3rd Street,
Balaji Nagar, Chennai
Time: 9:30 am Date: Jan 2, 2005.

More Information : here

Appeal for Tsunami Victims in North Eastern Srilanka - Trousa, USA

Tamils Rehabilitation Organization, USA Appeals for Urgent
Help for Tsunami Victims in Northeastern Sri Lanka

Cumberland, MD – December 29, 2004 -- Northeastern Sri Lanka is one of
the worst affected area from Tsunamis. Death toll there now has reached
7,660 and is expected to increase. About eleven thousand has been admitted
with injuries. Nearly half million people are displaced. People of
Northeastern Sri Lanka who was affected the most by two decade of civil war
in SriLanka was left with no resources to cope with this unprecedented death
and destruction.

The northeastern coastline areas that took the brunt of the Tsunamis in
Sri Lanka are remote and predominantly within rebel held territories.
The local reports from independent news organizations and social welfare
organizations indicate that no external help has reached the affected
area. New York Times reported that Lalith Weerathunga, Secretary to
the Prime Minister, who is now heading the relief efforts in Sri Lanka
stated that he does not know what is going on in the northeast. Associated
Press today reported, citing international relief agency sources, that
SriLankan government officials have blocked passage of relief supplies.
Much of the international aid that is being poured into Sri Lanka is
expected to be channeled through the Government of Sri Lanka and
past experience suggest very little will reach the northeastern.
A member of the SriLankan parliament accused the Sri Lankan
government for “callously ignoring” the plights of the
people in Northeast.

Tamils Rehabilitation Organization, USA is working with local
organizations in Sri Lanka including the Sri Lankan charity TRO to
provide urgent relief work. Hundreds of temporary shelters have been set up by
TRO and urgent medical supplies are being dispatched. Team of
volunteer doctors is arriving in Northeast within next few days. As much of the
immediate medical and other relief supplies are available in local
market, monetary donations are most useful in the short term. We appeal the
American community to generously contribute to our Tsunami Relief Fund
as well as by donating medical and other essential supplies. Items that
are needed urgently include:

1. Medical supplies (Pain relievers, Antibiotics, Dressings, Suture
material, Disposable syringes)
2. Water purification tablets
3. Temporary shelters
4. Portable generators

TRO officials and board of directors are available for interview with
the media. Please use the contact information above for scheduling.

About Tamils Rehabilitation Organization, USA: Tamils Rehabilitation
Organization, USA was formed at the height of civil war in 1995 to help
civilians affected by the war in Sri Lanka. The organization has
funded various rehabilitation projects in the Northeastern Sri Lanka through
local charities and other social organization including children
orphanages and home for the elderly. Tamils Rehabilitation
Organization is a US IRS approved 501c3 charitable organization.

M. Sritharan
Secretary, Tamils Rehabilitation Organization
517 Old Town Road, Cumberland MD 21502, USA
(301) 320 6344

Aceh Needs Wireless Equipment ASAP

From Aceh Media Center

31 Dec 2004 02:51 pm


The telecom links in Aceh are destroyed. It is impossible to access via cable although in Central there are ports for Internet access.

An alternative for internet access is wireless. All the shops and vendors are closed. We need the following equipment today:

  1. 2 pairs of Wireless Lan complete with box, cable, antenna, connector or jumper and mounting.
  2. 2 units of Ethernet converter to V. 35 with cable (usually RAD or ATI)

If you have the following stock please donate or lend it to us at the following address:

Cyber Building 11th floor, Jl. Kuningan Barat No 8
Phone +(62-21) 5296 0634, Fax +(62-21) 5296 0635, email: info@apjii.or.id

List of Urgent Needs in Aceh

1. Donations SHOULD NOT in the form of uncooked food including instant noodles because there is no clean water or kitchen tools to cook them. The most urgent needs are INFANT FOOD (excluding powder milk that needs very-rare clean water to mix it). Infant baby and ready-to-eat products (such as gerber or nestle products, etc.) would be very helpful. Liquid UHT milk would also be very useful. (THE POINT IS HEALTHY READY-TO-EAT FOOD)

2. Non-Food Donations, with the priorities as the following:

- Corpse packs
- Disinfectant
- Mask
The decomposed corpse spreading all over the places so that this condition has caused people feel hard to breathe. Thus, if these bodies would not be evacuated/isolated as soon as possible, they might cause few epidemics, particularly Cholera, happening there.

3. Other Non-Food donations that are still quite rare and very precious are the followings:
- palls/wide coverlets
- blankets
- underwear (particularly for female)
- sarong cloth
- infant milk bottle and pacifier for new-born infants

4. For medicines, medical tools & sanitation please contact the Ministry of Health and Independent Bodies on Health for further coordination in order to give effective function.

Other Detailed Needs:

1. Medicines

Cold/coughing/fever: Decolsin, capsule, Mixagrip, OBH Combi, OBH Combi Plus for adults and children, Vick Formula 44 for adults and children, new baby couch syrup, Termorex, Alphamol, Flukol Forte, Inza, Procold, Benadryl dmp child, Bodrex, Bodrexin, Panadol, Tempra , etc.

Diarrhea/ stomachache medicines such as Andicap, Oraline, Dialet, Diaform, Enterostop, Papaverin, etc.

First-Aid Medicines: Dansepta, Cotton, Alcohol, Rivanol, Mercurochrom, Sterile Cover, Abodine, Leukoplast, Betadine, Ban-aid

Antibiotic: Amoxilin 500 mg, Dry Syrup Amoxcillin, Dry Syrup Ampicillin, Salpenol

For Skin: Salicyl powder, PK, skin salve Dermal, cream Trimadan, Skin salve Genoint, Salve Nosib, Skin Salve of Kaki tiga brand, Skin Salve 88, Dactarin, Herocin powder, Ikamicetine, Fluocinonide Ointment, Kalpanax, Isondine Oinment, Kemicetine, etc.

Stomach: Antasida, Decolid, Cimetidine 200 mg, Ranitidine 150 mg, Promag.

Massage oil, Cajuput Oil, Balsam, Balpirik,

Other medicines/vitamins: vitamin B complex, vitamin c, vitamin c drop, vitamin B1, trisulfa, oxifrot, CTM, Aciclovir, Captopril, Cumachol, Rexibet 2, Dexamethasone, Sulfaferrosus, Aminophyline, Reserpine, Pyridoxine, Prednison, Frisium, Inoprilate, Incidalod, Erlamicetin, Kalmethason, Dextromethorphan pill, Furasemide, Tetracyclin 250.

2. Logistic

- Powder & Liquid Milk
- Sugar, coffee
- Noodles
- Rice
- Vitamins
- Supplementary Drink
- First-Aid packages

3. Communication Tools
- HT, Satellite phones and internet connection (GPRS or VSAT at once)
- Notebook

4. Miscellaneous

- Blankets
- Mattresses
- Floor Cleaning Agent
- Clothes
- Sandals
- Car Batteries (12 V)
- Dry Cell Battery (1.5 V)

5. Human Resource:

1. SAR, native people that understand SAR.
2. Logistic, understanding logistic distributions and needs of the victims.
3. Media, to help updating news and volunteers for general purposes (carrying things)
4. Communication Technicians

Source: Aceh Media Center

Coping with recovery of bodies

Recovery of Dead Bodies - How to Cope

"One consequence of humanitarian and recovery operations is coming in contact with bodies of people that have died under tragic or horrible circumstances. ..... "

Guidelines on rescue work. Very useful and crucial for volunteers.

Undertaking storm and water damage operations

Undertaking storm and water damage operations

Assessment of situation, preparing for response and other useful pointers.

Appeal From ASHA Seattle

Courtesy Joyeeta, 12/29/04:

All of you are aware of the devastating impact that Sunday's Tsunami has had on countries in South Asia. The killer tsunamis were triggered by a massive earthquake in Indonesia on Sunday, the worst in four decades. The tsunamis battered a huge swathe of South Asia, killing more than 47,000 people, including some 7,000 in South India. There are thousands still missing in the Andaman and Nicobar islands where help has not reached and thousands left without homes, food, shelter and even drinking water.

Relief work is underway with various countries sending in aid to help fight one of the worst natural disasters in recent history. Relief workers are working round the clock to help the victims. Asha Seattle realizes that as a socially responsible organization we need to extend a helping hand for this cause in whatever little way we can. All Asha chapters are coordinating an Ashe wide effort to help in the relief efforts. Asha Seattle is a chapter of Asha for Education, a non-profit voluntary organization dedicated to socio-economic change in India mainly using the medium of education. Our goal is to also address other development and human issues such as women's issues, health-care and related issues, whenever possible.

Currently we are in the process of collecting funds for relief work, to help the victims of this disaster and identifying areas which need urgent help. We urge you to please make your contributions to support the relief work. The victims of this disaster need our help right now. Away from home this is probably one of the only ways we can help. Below is the link to the contribution website created for the relief funds. Any contribution will be greatly appreciated.


We are working closely with partner groups (NGO's) based in Chennai, including Asha-Chennai. Several Asha-Chennai volunteers are closely monitoring the relief work underway and we will work with them to channelize funds to suitable places they think needs immediate attention. We are also working with other known organizations such as the Tamil Nadu Science Forum (TNSF), Environmental Support Group (ESG), and Chennai AID etc." Once the funds are distributed to these organizations, they will be responsible for channelizing these funds as per their requirements. The website will be updated continuously as details are established on the distribution of fund and on relief work that has reached the affected villages.

We would like to hear back from you. Please feel free to write back your comments and thoughts and provide us with your feedback at seattle@ashanet.org. If there are ideas and suggestions you have that might help us channelize our resources for the disaster victims in a better way, please let us know.

Thanking you in advance for your generous contributions,


Humanist Movement appeal

Courtesy Sushmita:

The Humanist volunteers in India are organizing collection and distribution of aids for the victims. More information about contacts can be obtained at:http://humanistmovement.org/tsunami.html/

I wanted to let you know that I know the person who is coordinating this effort,
Sudhir Gandotra (sudhir AT netshooter d-o-t com, Phone : +91-98-101-20918) very well and can vouch that if you donate to the Humanists, your aid will reach the victims, without ending up in the hands of middlemen. Please contact Sudhir directly for details/questions.

Italian TV Station looking for Italians

From Marco:

Please pass this information cause it can be very important for italian families worried about their parents in SOUTH - EAST ASIA. Link is also here and here.

All Italian people willing to inform their family or testify what’s happening in South-East Asia can send a short messagevia sms + 39 335 6946399 or via email (skytg24@skytv.it) to Sky Tg 24, the Italian all news Sky television channel.

Waves Of Hope

The accompanying image should tell you who are TIME magazine's People Of The Year - Bloggers. We're also trying to set up a citizen-reporting news service out of Sri Lanka so that accurate information is available to aid workers. The info can be sent through SMS or internet based reports.

Email: info@wavesofhope.org

Help us do this:

Do you know ANYONE down in Sri Lanka? Send them this URL. (www.wavesofhope.org) Ask them to contribute eye-witness acounts, warnings, accurate information that they consider crucial to relief work.

Information Portal for Aid Agencies

Everything from how to find missing persons to international and local aid agencies with comments and advice to help you evaluate the organizations. Team Zoo Station


List of places you can donate to --I did think of collecting some money via ZS but have rested the idea temporarily unless someone can provide me with logistical support. The bottom line with donations is to find an agency with low overheads and where you can get a tax deduction. Of course, if you can get matching grants, that's even better. While this list is by no means exhaustive, I have listed every single prominent site on here. In addition, most of the organisations I have listed on here accept online donations which makes giving a lot easier. I have also avoided explicitly religious organisations on here since their agenda is suspect.

Courtesy South Asian Journalists Association tsunami assistance page

Information on how to prevent disease outbreaks

From Anne Gowda:


In the aftermath of tsunami, the drinking water is contaminated. Drink water provided by the relief workers only. Boil water before drinking. The water tanks will be placed in affected villages to store treated water. Please do not drink/wash hands/wash clothes in the floodwater. Do not drink water from wells unless tested/treated. It could be contaminated by floodwater. CNN reported, that people were touching decomposing bodies with bare hands. Wash hands thoroughly after handling any flood-affected items.

Parents need to help children avoid water-borne illness. Children should not be allowed to play in floodwater areas, and parents should ensure that children's hands are washed frequently, especially before meals.

Do not wash wounds with floodwater. Do not use home remedies like turmeric powder/coffee powder for the open wounds. Make sure that there are no open wounds.

Full text at http://www.livejournal.com/users/annegowda/

Sri Lankan Tourist Board launches website

From Zulfer

Sri Lanka Tourist Board has launched a website to keep you posted on the latest developments in Sri Lanka after the Tsunami disaster. This site offers information regarding tourists, hospitals, hotels, police stations and much more which will enable you to find out details about your missing loved ones.

Please log on to http://www.contactsrilanka.org to obtain more information.

Sri Lanka information and relief effort

From Dushy

There is another charity organisation actively involved in North andEastern Sri Lanka http://www.troonline.org/

Also, if any one wants some information about missing person in SriLanka, they can call Sirasa or Shakthi FM. These radio stations areconstantly broadcasting missing person's info. If you leave your contact details, the person or anybody who has info about the person can contact you back.

HELP HOTLINE +94-11-2745223

U.S Based NGO Pushing Bush Administration to Contribute More Funds to Relief Effort

Cross posted on Progressive Change for Tsunami Victims
From Chitra

Hi folks,

In addition to us giving our individual contributions for tsunami relief, its also important to pressure Bush and Congress to increase their financial commitment to relief efforts. Remember that earlier this year, Congress pledged $13 billion for hurricane relief efforts in Florida. Surely we can do better than the $35 million that has been pledged for South and Southeast Asia. Death toll is currently at 114 million thousand [Ed's note-- SORRY!]. It takes one minute to pressure Congress. Go to website below and please pass it on



NOTE: This has nothing to do with another Tsunami warning so people in other countries need not worry.

It's been raining in the Easter Coast of Sri Lanka since morning. There are flood warnings for the Batticaloa and Amparai Districts. There is a CONFIRMED report that Valachchenai in the Batticaloa district is already under 3 feet of water. Aid convoys heading to Batticaloa have to pass over the Manampitiya bridge and the Valachchenai area. All aid convoys to the area must be held back at the Manampitiya bridge at least. Efforts to evacuate the over 3000 refugees who have been living in Valachchenai for the past 5 days are going on.

Further south, in Kalmunai in Amparai District too it has been raining since morning. If it continues for any longer floods are expected there too. Evacuation activities are underway.

MSF in Jakarta

Any doctors or people with medical training wanting to help MSF should send their CV to the following address.
All volunteers must be interviewed in person before being accepted.
Medecins Sans Frontieres Belgium (MSF B) - Indonesia
Jln. Kemang Utara No. 32
Tel. + 62 - 21 - 719 5947
Fax. + 62 - 21 - 719 5948
E-mail : msfb-jakarta@msf.be

Alex Ryan, Thanks for the information.

25 Medical Personnel Reaches Meulaboh

Highlights from Tempo, Indonesia (31 December 2004)

25 Medical Personnel Reaches Meulaboh

According to the Minister of Health Siti Fadilah Supari at a press conference, 25 medical personnel from the Department of Health have arrived in Meulaboh. The Minister says that she will personally visit Meulaboh tomorrow and will inform the journalist more fully on the situation there. The Minister of Health has set up a few treatment stations in Banda Aceh with the help of the Singaporeans and Australians. A treatment station has also been set up in Fakinah hospital, Banda Aceh.


MAITRI appeals to you to donate for providing emergency relief to the fisher folk families on Marina beach. We will accept rice (in sealed bags of 1 kg), bed sheets and funds. A collection center is being opened at Padale Palace, Nalstop, off Karve Road. Cheques or DD should be made in favor of MAITRI or Nilubhau Limaye Foundation (for 80 G benefit). Those based in Mumbai can contribute to Sampark.
The first batch of materials will be dispatched on Wednesday night by train to Chennai. A dozen volunteers under the leadership of Shirish Joshi will be helping to transport this material and hand it over to the Collective.
For more information, please contact
Pune: Harihar Gole 2543 2318, Shriram Ramdasi 9372 406494, Jayashri Shidore 98231 38888 or Vinita Tatke 9422 521 702.
Mumbai: Sampark, 50-51, 2nd Floor, Guilder Lane, Municipal High School, Belosis Bridge, opp. Mumbai Central local Railway Station, Mumbai Central, Mumbai 400008. Tel: 23001131/61. e-mail: mitra@bom3.vsnl.net.in
Or write to: MAITRI, "Kalyan", 32, Natraj Society, Karvenagar, Pune 411052. Tel: 2544 3134. E-mail: vinitat@vsnl.com

Aid Package from Unicef arrives in Aceh

Highlights from Kompas, Indonesia (31 December 2004)

Aid Package from Unicef arrives in Aceh

An aid package from Unicef for Aceh arrives in Jakarta todayy. The aid package weighing 3.8 tonnes was filled with medical supplies for emergency situations including medicine, medical equipment, plastic sheets and toiletries such as comb, tooth brush and soap. The aid packet was estimated to be enough for 200,000 people

In order to prevent the spread of disease, Unicef will endeavour to provide vaccines, vitamin A tablets, clean water, water purification instrument, mosquito nets, medicine for malaria and basic medical amenities.

Unicef official in Jakarta, John Budd, said that part of its efforts is to provide for the basic education needs for children whose schools have been destroyed. Unicef will provide basic teaching tools called ‘School in a Box’ which contains teaching and learning materials. Unicef will also work with the authorities and religious organisations to set up centres for children. In addition, Unicef intends to provide psychological help for children whose families have been victims of this disaster.

Malaysia To Send Shipload Of Aid To Sumatra Tsunami Survivors

Royal Malaysian Navy ship KD Mahawangsa will leave for Acheh Saturday bearing humanitarian aid for survivors of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated northern Sumatra.

"Anyone wishing to make contributions in kind for the Sumatra victims can contact the Defence Ministry," he told reporters after receiving contributions totalling RM1 million for the Malaysian Tsunami Victims Fund Friday.

They may contact Lt Rosdi Muhamad at 012-303 2607 and Lt Commander Muhammad Mohsin Mohd Sidek at 012-515 2977. The ship is expected to leave from Port Klang at 4pm Saturday.

Source: Bernama

Site helping people trying to get to their missing friends and relatives

Asian Quake- Missing persons search site


This information needs to get out now. It has been raining since 5 a.m. in the Baticaloa District and the valachchenai Area has started flooding. THIS IS A CONFIRMED REPORT.

All aid convoys and vehicles travelling to the area MUST STOP. There is no more access to batticaloa over the Manampitiya bridge. Over 3000 people who had been living in the area as refugees for the past 5 days are being evacuated.

Overhead costs of international relief organisations

Karthik has a list of international organizations for disaster relief that he has segregated by overhead costs.

Below, I've highlighted in blue those organizations with less than a 10% overhead rate, and in orange those organizations above the 10% mark, but that may still be worthy of your consideration. For instance, the Doctors Without Borders organization has a high overhead rate, but presumably this is because it's more expensive to have doctors on staff than other kinds of disaster relief workers. Still, their website does not have as much transparency as one would like, in terms of how and where they spend their money. Also, Oxfam also has a high overhead rate -- again, making me curious why this is so. Some, like Save the Children were a surprising find (not one of the 'usual suspects' that people had emailed me about). Apparently, they had the "largest international organization presence" in the Aceh Province when the tsunami hit (see their web site below). Also, note that AmeriCares has one of the lowest overhead rate, at 1.5%.

Read more here.

List of medicines required in Tamil Nadu

Based on feedback from a variety of field sources, a comprehensivelist of items immediately needed is given below:
Medicines: Based on Prioritised list received from Doctors inCuddalore and Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu. (Source: Shanmuga &D.V.Prakash, Trustees of Kuvempu Trust; sshanmuga@vsnl.com)First priority -
Paracetmol Brufane Amoxycillin Ranidin (stomach pain, vomit) Antacids ORS powder Tetramycin eyedrops Multivitamins Norfloxacin (diarrhoea) Dichloromine Derephyllin Tabs T.NORINS-TZ for adult (diarrhoea) NEGAMAT suspension syrup for child (diarrhoea)

Second Priority - List generated by Community Health Cell in Bangalore(sochara@vsnl.com)Chlorine Tablets (for disinfection of water), Septran Syrup and Tablets, Flagyl Syrup and Tabs (Metronidazole), Paracetamol Syrup and Tabs, Asthalin Syrup (Salbutomol) + Tabs (Theo Asthalin), Mebendazole, Cough Syrup, Brufen tablets / Diclofenac, Metronidazole, Doxycyclin Capsules, Ampicillin Capsules, Soframycin Ointment, Nasivion Nose Drops, ORS, Calamine Lotion, Amoxycyclin 250 mg (Amoxycillin), anti Histamines (Avil CPM / cetrizine), Derephyllin Tabs, Ibuprofen ointment / Diclofenac ointment

Third Priority - List from relief workers in Gujarat Earthquake experience

Cefotaxin (Injection ) 1000/500 mg Ciprofloxacin 100 mg/200 I. V. Fortwin/ Pentazocine Hydrocortison 100 mg / 200 mg Perinorm Metachlopromite Norfloxacin 400 mg Amikacine 500 mg Metronidazol 400 mg I. V. Phenargan Renitidine Sutures & Needles Pain Relief - Ibuprofane, Asprin, Dclofenac, Paracetamol Infection Prevention - Amoxicillin Dysentry - Diaorehha - Oral Rehydration kits (ORS), Furazolidone, Metronidizole Anti-Bacterial - Cotrimoxazole For Asthama - Salbutamol, Aminophylline Chloroquine Other Medical Aid required Infant feeding tubes Dressing trays Surgical scissors Bandages, Cotton dressing material I. V. N/ Saline , 5% Dextrose Surgical & plastering knife Injuries Dressing - Cotton, Bandgaes etc. Sanitary Napkins, Disposable Gloves (for relief workers) Face mask (for relief workers) Bleaching Powder 'phenoil' liquid Flashlight

General Guidelines for sending medical aid: Please send only well-packed medicines that have clear labels. Medicines whose expiry date is clearly marked and within expiry datewill only be used. For fragile medical equipments, please packageproperly and also indicate this CLEARLY on the mailing box.

U.S. Attorney General Offers Tips For Donors

  • The state attorney general's office is warning Californians to be wary of people soliciting money for the victims of Asia's tsunamis, and has offered tips for people who want to donate.
  • Be informed about the charity and how it will spend the money, reports Nathan Barankin, spokesman for the attorney general. Information about a charity's operations and expenditures can be obtained by searching the attorney general's online database for a charity's financial reports.
  • Refuse high-pressure appeals by solicitors claiming to represent charities. Legitimate charities do not use those types of tactics to get donations.
  • Californians should always ask for written information about the charity's mission, how the donation will be used and proof that the contribution is tax-deductible. Not all donations to charities and nonprofit organizations can be deducted from one's taxes.
  • Scam artists might tell donors that they will receive a "tax I.D. number" or a receipt for their records to try to convince them that they are a legitimate charity, but a credit card statement or canceled check is enough for tax purposes if a donation is less than $250. Large donations require a properly worded receipt from the charity to confirm the donation.
  • Consumers should call the charity directly. Money should never be given immediately to door-to-door solicitors or by mail.
  • Groups that offer to pick up a monetary donation should be regarded with suspicion. Legitimate charities will always have an official address.
  • Consumers should also watch out for scam artists using names that sound similar to those of legitimate charities.
  • Donations to charities should never be in cash, for tax and security reasons.

    There are alternative ways to donate to a charity besides providing money. Donations can be given in charitable gift annuities, in-kind gifts and endowments. Many charities also accept volunteer work.

    Source: NBC News

Donation information for Singapore

Donating by mail

The Singapore Red Cross Society is hoping to raise S$1 million for the relief effort. You can mail a cheque to:
"Singapore Red Cross Society"
15 Penang Lane
Singapore 238486
Indicate "Tidal Waves Asia" and your name, address and phone number at the back of the cheque.

Donating by ATM

Donations can be made at DBS, POSB, and OCBC ATMs. For DBS/POSB ATMs, after you enter your PIN, select "iBanking, Cashcard and More Services". After that, select "Credit Card/Bill Payment". Choose "Red Cross Tidal Waves Asia" from the list that appears. When asked for your bill reference, enter your telephone number. Choose the account type you want to make the donation from and enter the donation amount.

Donating by phone

From any phone, you can call 1900 112 1226 and 1900 112 1227 to donate $10 or $50 respectively

Those who wish to donate by SMS can do so in the following ways, depending on your network:

SingTel: SMS *1226 to donate $10, *1227 to donate $50
M1: SMS DONATE to 8880 to donate $10
StarHub: Reply to the StarHub SMS to donate $10

Donating in person: cash and cheques

For those who have cash or cheques to donate in person, you can drop by:
  • Red Cross House at 15 Penang Lane with cash or a cheque between 9am and 5.30pm (weekdays) or 9am and 12.30pm (Saturdays).
  • News Centre at 1000 Toa Payoh North, Singapore 318993 between 9am and 6pm daily from 30 Dec 2004 to 7 Jan 2005.
As above, cheques should be made payable to "Singapore Red Cross Society". Please write "Tidal Waves Asia" on the back with your name, address, and contact number.

If you wish to donate specifically to Sri Lanka, cash and cheques (made payable to "Brahm Education Centre Ltd") can also be given to Brahm Education Centre at 9 Geylang Lor 29 #04-02, Singapore 388065, Mon-Fri 10am-5pm and Sat 10am-4pm.

Donating in person: supplies

For those who wish to give in kind, Sri Lankan Airlines is airlifting emergency relief supplies to Sri Lanka daily. They are appealing for:
  • portable generators
  • water purification tablets
  • food staples
  • intravenous infusions of saline and dextrose
  • drugs like paracetamol and antibiotics
  • wound dressing
  • other necessary relief supplies
  • EDIT 31 Dec 2004 12.49am: Sri Lanka now says they have enough food and medical supplies, what they now need are essentials such as new clothes for women and children, sanitary wear, women’s underwear, towels and temporary housing material (Lanka Business Online)
The Sri Lankan High Commission in Singapore can handle all public donations. The High Commission is at #13-07/12, Goldhill Plaza, 51 Newton Road, Singapore 308900, and is open from 9 am to 5.15 pm on weekdays.

Donations can also be dropped off at Ananda Travel's branches in the CBD, People's Park, and Woodlands, and at the following IndoChine restaurants: IndoChine Club Street, IndoChine Waterfront at Empress Place, IndoChine Wisma Atria, IndoChine Holland Village, and Forbidden City at Clarke Quay (free finger food to all donors; please donate by 2 Jan 2005).

Singapore Press Holdings is also collecting emergency supplies. Please bring clothing and blankets and sheets to News Centre, 1000 Toa Payoh North, Singapore 318994, between 9am to 6pm daily until Fri 7 Jan 2005.

The Singapore Buddhist Federation (6586 0250) is also collecting supplies. Please bring all supplies to 88 Recycling Kiosk,Bus Bay, Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery, 88 Bright Hill Road Singapore 574117, from Wed 29 Dec 2004 to 5pm, Sun 9 Jan 2005.

The Tisarana Buddhist Association is collecting medicine, first aid items, toothbrush, toothpaste, canned food, dry food and clean / new blankets, towels and clothes. Please pack them in bags or boxes and label them separately (eg. Food, Blankets, Medicine). Clothes to be separated
and labeled MALE, FEMALE, CHILDREN. Boxes are preferred but DO NOT seal. Please bring them to the Tisarana Buddhist Association, 90 Duku Road, off Still Road, from 9am-8pm daily. Last collection: 9 Jan 2005 before 5pm.

The Love & Unity Volunteers Establishment is also collecting supplies. Please bring them to the Love & Unity Volunteers Establishment, 37 Pheng Geck Avenue, Singapore 348232, between 8.30am and 10pm daily.Contact Tommy Yu at 9847 9995 or Raymond Tang at 9733 3276 for more information.

Donated to:Sri Lanka

Charity functions

IndoChine is also having a charity night on Thurs, 6 Jan 2005, from 7pm till late at Forbidden City Clarke Quay. All proceeds go to the Singapore Red Cross.

Source: Daryl Sng

Jaycees of Mayiladuthurai (Mayavaram, Tamil Nadu) Needs Medicines

--- Posted by a Blog Reader ----

Jaycees of Mayiladuthurai (Mayavaram) in Tanjore Dt are involved in Tsunami Relief Work at Poompuhar, Chidambaram and other nearby coastal areas. Refugee Camps are being run in Mayiladuthurai for the displaced victims. There is an urgent need to provide medicines at various camps. Jaycees volunteers will assist in distribution. We welcome assistance from NGOs and Pharama companies. Contact : Mr A S Ravindiran (Mob : 09345061022) or Mr V Raman (Mob : 09443134855). Jaycees can also assist corporates and NGOs to carry out Relief Work in the nearby areas to ensure benefits reach the victims.

Death, Injury and Survivors Lists in Thailand

Missing People- Thailand

I got to this site from NBC:
I did a search on missing people from Denmark and got 15 responses.

Here is the link: Missing People in Thailand

From All Corners, a Rush to Get Clean Drinking Water to Survivors in Stricken Areas

Tanker trucks, bottled water, pumps, disinfecting kits and clean jugs are being rushed to regions struck by the tsunami in hopes of providing what survivors most urgently need: safe drinking water.

A lot of homegrown solutions are happening. Private donors of all kinds are driving in with bottled water, especially in Sri Lanka and India.

An expert in water sanitation from the World Health Organization has arrived in the Maldives to help determine the best way to restore safe water supplies, said Dr. Pino Annunziata, a member of the organization's emergency response team. He said that rainfall there would help to flush the salt out of the wells, but added that rain could also create stagnant pools of fresh water where mosquitoes could breed and spread malaria, which is already prevalent in many of the devastated areas.

Dr. David Nabarro, the director of crisis operations for the World Health Organization, said that a shipment of bottled water was being flown to the Maldives from Britain. He said the organization had been offered the use of a commercial plane heading from Manchester to Mali and had elected to fill the plane with water.

Source: The New York Times

Half of the FTSE 100 establish relief operations

The article on Times, UK, talks about the relief operations and contributions of the following companies:
The, Vodafone Group, HSBC, Pearson, Legal & General, Cairn Energy, the Edinburgh oil and gas company, BP, Shell, Next, J Sainsbury, Dixons, British American Tobacco, Scottish Power, City of Glasgow, John Lewis Partnership, Lloyds TSB, Royal Bank of Scotland, HBOS, Anglo American, BHP Billiton, BAE Systems, Imperial Tobacco, GUS, Reckitt Benckiser, mmO2, Rio Tinto and GE Healthcare.

Source: Times, UK

Urgent Needs in Sri Lanka

List of Items urgently required for Relief work.

Request for Medical Supply for GH Vavuniya Emergency needs for Affected Communities
Drugs Requirements (Vavuniya)
MoH Compiled List of Drugs Urgently Required

Source: National Disaster Management Center. The site also has details on assessments and nodal agencies coordinating relief in Sri Lanka.

Urgent Need for tents- Sri Lanka

A village of 30 families living in Kosgoda (District Galle) amounting to 80 people are in dire need of shelter. There is an urgent need of adequate number of tents. A group of young people from Leo Burnett will visit them on the 29th December with all collected material to help them re start their shattered lives.

Please contact Ms Mantri on 0-11 4406163

Source: National Disaster Management Center, Sri Lanka

To TEAM Bloggers : Let' try and sort out this confusion

- This South-East Asia Tsunami site is a huge source of information for all those who want to know and do something or contribute their bit. The last 2 days updates are a bit conflicting for all - queries, e-mails from everywhere and calls in Pune, INDIA are swamping coordinators with provisions for clothes and blankets among other things.
There are reports which say - 'Clothes / blankets' urgently needed in Tamil Nadu; whereas others say state 'Don't send any more clothes - there's a glut'. We need some cohesion, please. Ofcourse, this work is huge and its a 'information tsunami' on the website! But we could just try to see if information is consistent. But TEAM bloggers - its a great effort from everyone and God Bless each one at the New Year.

- OK, if AID INDIA people and others from Chennai / Cuddalore etc.could help out with this information on material requirement / volunteer jobs. Huge nos. are available for help as per requests (they need to be directed). Call me at Pune 0-98220 04752 / E-mail : vmoorthy@rediffmail.com

Aid gets to Aceh. Coordination is the critical need.

Excerpts from an article in Jakarta Post
And it's not as if help is not forthcoming.

Relief supplies sent from national and foreign organizations and governments are reaching the Banda Aceh airport. In fact, supplies are literally piling up there by the ton. But they are not being distributed quickly to the intended targets.

Take the issue of burying tens of thousands of dead as an example.

There aren't enough workers left in these areas to bury the dead. Many Acehnese are either too stricken by grief to do anything because they have lost loved ones, or simply too weak as they have been without food, clean water and medicines.

Bringing in volunteers from outside requires good coordination. They have to bring their own tents to sleep in, and their own food. They cannot eat rations intended for victims or use the limited number of tents available in the area.

And they need heavy equipment, like cranes, to bury the dead en mass.

Then, there is the question of the lack of trucks to take relief supplies from the airport to the people. And even if there were enough trucks available, there is not enough fuel to run them. And then there is the question of clearing roads of debris before they become passable.

Whose job is it then to coordinate the relief operation?

The Aceh provincial administration and its structure were decimated. It is estimated that only half of the administration's employees in Banda Aceh survived the tragedy. And most government offices in Banda Aceh were destroyed.

Without a government structure in place, coordination becomes almost non-existent.

Another sign of poor coordination was the question of permits for foreign relief agencies to operate in Aceh. By invoking national disaster status, the government effectively opens the way for these groups to send aid directly to Aceh. Jusuf Kalla reaffirmed this, but yet another lower ranking official insisted that they must all obtain permits from the government, which can take two weeks or more to issue.

Source: Jakarta Post

Aid Organizations- Helping Survivors- BBC

A partial list compiled from BBC
The Disasters Emergency Committee - www.dec.org.uk - is an umbrella group of UK aid organisations - including Action Aid, British Red Cross and Oxfam - working to provide clean water, food and shelter to thousands. To call from the UK, dial 0870 60 60 900.

Save the Children - www.savethechildren.org.uk - has already flown a plane out to Sri Lanka carrying plastic sheeting for temporary shelter, tents to run children's services from and essentials such as clothing and cooking utensils.

The Hindu Forum Disaster Relief Task Force - www.hinduforum.org - comprises 50 organisations and is raising money, clothes and medicines. Donations can be made online or by calling the ISKCON Disaster Appeal on 01923 856848 or Sewa International on 0116 261 0303.

Source: The larger list of agencies from BBC

Sewalanka Foundation - An Appeal Launched

Sewalanka Foundation has launched an appeal for the people affected by the tsunami in Sri Lanka.

Sewalanka Foundation has offices in all the coastal districts affected by the tsunami and is receiving urgent requests from survivors. Those that have survived are now in urgent need of basic supplies like cooked food, drinking water, dry rations and cooking utensils.

In order to facilitate these purchase we have established a separate bank account where money can be directly donated by those concerned and wishing to help. The details are:

Account Holder: Sewalanka Foundation
Bank: Hatton National Bank, Boralesgamuwa, Sri Lanka
Swift Code: HBLILKLX
Account Number: 1120097748

Details on how to assist Sewalanka in their emergency relief efforts can be found on their website: www.sewalanka.org

To speak with Penny Boddington in Sri Lanka: +94 777 576 100, sewaweu@sri.lanka.net

To speak with Sewalanka staff on the East Coast of Sri Lanka:
+ 94 777 576 100, sewaweu@sri.lanka.net

To speak with the Australian coordinator of the appeal and awareness campaign: Tanya Notley: 0423 352 534, t.notley@qut.edu.au

Thanks Jean!

Source: www.sewalanka.org

Auroville rallies to help Pondicherry fisherfolk

"What we need," one team member said, "is approximately Rs 50,000 (about $1,000) to rebuild a house, Rs 100,000 (about $2,000) for a boat with an engine and another Rs 100,000 for fishing nets. Thus a total of Rs 250,000 (about $5,000) per affected family. We have taken charge of 225 families in our area. It is a lot of money."

Transparency was ensured by creating an accounting team and channeling funds through two newly created accounts in Auroville's existing financial infrastructure which offers a tax rebate and a foreign donations facility (see below).


BANK TRANSFER via SWIFT following details:

Bank Name: State Bank of India
Branch: Auroville International Branch
Branch Code: 03160
Beneficiary Account Name: AV Fund Foreign
Beneficiary Account Number: 01000060095
Details/other Information: Village Flood Relief OR Auroville Beaches Relief


Under details please specify if you want the funds to go to Village Relief or for Auroville Beaches Relief. You could also give a percentage allocation.


Please make your cheques payable to "Auroville Fund - Foreign" and send to the address below.


Cheque/DD to be made payable to "AUROVILLE FUND". On the reverse of the cheque please write if it is meant for Village Flood Relief OR Auroville Beaches Relief.

DDs payable at Pondicherry.

Please send the cheques to:

Auroville Tsunami Rehabilitation
Opposite Aurelec, Kuilapalayam
Auroville 605 101, Tamil Nadu, India.
E-mail tsunami@auroville.org.in
Phone: 0413 - 2622184.

Source: Rediff

Tracing Family and Friends


The Thai government has set up hotlines for relatives to find information about family members in the affected areas.

Phuket: +66-7621-6101 and +66-7621-1001
Phang Nga: +66-7641-1525 and +66-7641-1179
Krabi: +66-7561-1302 and +66-7652-4161
Trang: +66-7521-4382
Satun: +66-7472-2121 and +66-7472-2296
Ranong: +66-7781-3401 and +66-7782-3257

Relatives can also contact the Thai foreign ministry's information center at +66-2-643-5000 or by fax at +66-2-643-5256.

You may find who you're looking for on Thai hospital Web sites. The hospitals in Phuket and Krabi have put the names of their patients online on the links given below.

On the Phuket Disaster Message Board Web site link below, you can leave messages for missing family members, and people in South Asia can post messages for their families and friends.

Sri Lanka

Check Sri Lanka tourist board's English language Web site below for up-to-date information from hospitals, police and air carriers. You can reach their 24-hour hotline at +94-11-2437 061.

International Red Cross

You can also contact your national chapter of the International Red Cross or consult the Red Cross Family Links Web site below for help in tracing family members.

German Foreign Ministry

Family and friends of German tourists traveling in South Asia can dial the German foreign ministry's hotline at +49 (0)30-5000-1000 to get more information on the situation.

Source: www.dw-world.de

Donate to Architecture for Humanity


The above link takes you to an organization to which you can donate to help offer relief to the tsunami victims. This link is great because it takes you to a site through which you can pay by Paypal. This is the easiest way I've found to donate thus far. Everyone's heard of Paypal - you can pay by credit card or have the money taken directly from you bank account. Makes it so simple to help out.

Think of the good even one dollar would do. One dollar times thousands of people...

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GM Employees Donate - GM Will Match Your Donation Says CEO Rick Wagoner

FOR RELEASE: 2004-12-30

General Motors Pledges Aid to Tsunami Disaster Victims

DETROIT -- General Motors today announced that the GM Foundation will donate $1 million in cash to the International Response Fund of the American Red Cross to support relief efforts on behalf of victims of the tidal wave disaster.

GM, through its foundation, also will match up to $1 million in contributions made by GM employees to the International Response Fund of the American Red Cross, UNICEF and CARE. GM employees can make direct contributions to these organizations by using the company’s Global Aid Disaster Relief website.

"All of us are stunned by the magnitude of this unprecedented natural disaster, and we mourn the loss of life and the devastation it has brought to so many people," said GM Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner. "General Motors wants to assist in the global relief efforts to provide food, water, medicine and other resources to the disaster victims as quickly as possible."

Wagoner encouraged GM employees to make online contributions to the International Response Fund of the American Red Cross, UNICEF and CARE. "General Motors and its employees have a long tradition of responding to emergencies in communities where we work and live, and also in other areas throughout the world. I know our employees will rise to the challenge again," Wagoner said.

More information on the GM Foundation can be found on the General Motors corporate website at www.gmability.com.

Anthony Neely

AID collection points across India

Here is information about AID collection points in various cities :


1. Please donate materials at your local city collection point. Most of our staff in Chennai are actively involved in relief work. If you are not from Chennai, please contact your local city AID collection office.

Contact Information for AID collection agencies:

BANGALORE Prasanna Saligram (080)3229747, (080)3305156

NEW DELHI Anuj Grover 98182 48459

MUMBAI Arun Kumar 98206 05751

Malini Vittal 98193 52190 CHENNAI

Ravishankar (044) 28350403

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Sister act: Eight-yr-old saves siblings

Sanjay Pinto
Friday, December 31, 2004 (Cuddalore):

An eight-year-old girl in Cuddalore's devastated Singarathope village saved her younger brother and sister when the killer tsunami struck their home.

"I was playing when water gushed in. I just grabbed my siblings, carried my little brother, pulled my sister and kept running," Arul Mozhi recounts.

The family has lost their home, but the three children and their parents are happy to be alive and reunited.

Their mother still cannot get over the little rescue operation.

"I didn't know where they were. I had no idea they were all sitting in a corner together," said Anbarassi, Arul Mozhi's mother.

Meanwhile, the little boy now has a New Year resolution, to stop fighting with his sister.

"I won't fight with my sister. She pulled me to safety," Nivekumar said.

It will certainly take a long time for the children to pick up their books or their parents to get back to work. But in Singarathope, the little champion is the talk of the town.

Source : NDTV